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City residents to benefit from new Fire Danger Rating signs

Published Tuesday, 9th August 2022

City of Wanneroo residents will receive up-to-date information during bushfire emergencies, thanks to new fire danger rating signs that align with the new national standard.

Fire ratings

The upgraded fire danger rating signs will be rolled out across the City to help improve public safety and reduce the impacts of bushfires by enhancing the scientific accuracy behind fire danger predictions and the way they are communicated.

The new signs will be time stamped to confirm that the information displayed is up-to-date and they will also feature four simplified ratings, allowing continuous improvement based on our changing scientific knowledge and climate factors.

National research has shown the need for simplistic community-focused systems to be put into place and the new signage will provide straightforward and up-to-date information year-round.

What are the new ratings and what do they mean?

Moderate: Plan and prepare.

High: Be ready to act.

Extreme: Take action now to protect life and property.

Catastrophic: For your survival, leave bushfire risk areas.

Fire Ratings signage

The white bar across the bottom left (under Moderate) indicates when there is no fire danger rating.

Fire Behaviour Index

The Fire Behaviour Index is a numerical index that provides a scale of potential fire behaviour based on weather conditions. The table below shows the revised ratings, colours and corresponding Fire Behaviour Index of the AFDRS.

Fire Rating signage

When will these changes commence?

Starting the second week of August, The City’s eight existing signs will be covered for maintenance and reskinning. We anticipate the signage will be completed by November 2022 in time for the hot season.

For any questions on these updates, please contact Troy.Cole@wanneroo.wa.gov.au or simone.clarke@wanneroo.wa.gov.au from The City’s Community Safety & Emergency Management team.

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