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Floating wetlands an environmental win for the City

Published Thursday, 20th July 2023

To improve water quality and biodiversity, the City has installed a floating wetland in the southern lake at Kingsway Regional Open Space in Madeley.

Floating wetlands

The modular wetland provides local wildlife with   unique protective habitat, while improving water quality and reducing algae. 

City Parks and Conservation staff planted the artificial wetland with native plants, before floating it into the middle of the lake and securing it. 

Mayor Linda Aitken said it was important to be continually working towards a greener and cleaner future for the community.

“We all have an obligation to make the effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and it's important in local government to embrace and promote new technology wherever we can,” she said.

“The City is committed to a greener future and to creating a sustainable City that balances urban growth and the environment, while planning for climate change and managing waste and its impacts.”

The City has also successfully used floating wetlands in the lake at Ridgewood Park.

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