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Solutions identified to manage kangaroos in Yanchep

Published Monday, 2nd May 2016

The City of Wanneroo is confident that the issue of displaced kangaroos in Yanchep is closer to being resolved, following a meeting with key stakeholders.


City officers, Sun City Golf Course and wildlife group representatives met to decide how best to manage the issue of kangaroos in Yanchep, by identifying immediate, short term and long term management strategies.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said that whilst it is not the responsibility of the City of Wanneroo to manage kangaroos on the privately owned golf course, all parties have a role to play.

“The City’s priority is to ensure the well-being of the kangaroos as well as our community in surrounding residential areas,” she said.

“However, a number of important issues are still to be resolved including the relocation of the kangaroos.

“I am also extremely disappointed that some individuals have deliberately been harassing kangaroos while others have been vandalising existing fencing, so I am calling on our community to act as the City’s eyes and ears and report any cases of cruelty or vandalism.”

Mayor Roberts commended the constructive and collaborative approach demonstrated by all stakeholders.

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