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City residents journey back to “Remember When”

Published Friday, 20th March 2015

Residents and community members with a connection to the City were recently asked to take part in a photography exhibit, which will provide the broader community with an insight into yesteryear.

Remember When
The City of Wanneroo has a rich heritage history, dating back to 1834 when land was surveyed and the first land parcels were taken up by syndicates.

In 1852 Wanneroo gained its first permanent settlers, James and Mary-Ann Cockman who started a dairy farm. The Cockmans had seven children and built a rough limestone house which still stands today – Cockman House – located on the corner of Wanneroo and Ocean Reef Roads.

By 1909 the population of Wanneroo was 300 people – a far cry from the City’s current population of more than 170,000 residents.

Many of these residents have lived in the City for many years and have memories of yesteryear that the City has aimed to capture in its new “Remember When” exhibit.

The exhibit, which will be on display in the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre, is dedicated to ensuring the valuable memories of the past are preserved for future generations.

Members of the City’s GOLD program and members of local historical groups were encouraged to contribute a nostalgic photo of their past and the story associated with the photograph for the display.

Contributors were then photographed by a professional photographer holding their own photo – creating a portrait representing the person both now and in their youth.

The visual documents produced as part of the display will be preserved as part of the City’s historical collection for future generations to appreciate.

The “Remember When” exhibit will be on display in the Great Court of the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre from Friday 13 March to Thursday 2 April, from 10am to 4pm daily.

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