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New date for Firebreaks

Published Tuesday, 18th September 2018

Land owners in the City of Wanneroo have been advised that firebreaks must be cleared by 1 November, noting the date has been brought forward by two weeks.


Firebreaks will now be inspected from 2 November 2018, with a minimum width of 3 metres and a minimum clearance above firebreaks set at 3.5 metres.

Bringing forward the date for firebreaks to be installed provides more time to complete remedial firebreak works if needed prior to the high-threat summer period and to align with other local governments.

City of Wanneroo Chief Bushfire Control Officer Paul Postma said under the Bush Fires Act 1954 (the Act) it is the landowner’s responsibility to install a firebreak and undertake fire hazard management on their property.

“Firebreaks are installed for several reasons; critically, they enable firefighters to safely navigate properties under threat as well as allowing firefighting crews access to the property to slow down the rate of spread of a fire,” he said.

“Firebreaks do not generally stop fires but they provide quick access when required and allow firefighters to carry out hazard reduction burns to reduce a fire’s intensity.

“Most City of Wanneroo residents are generally very compliant and understanding of the requirements to prepare their properties for fire as they are located within a known Bush Fire Prone Area, however there are a small minority who choose not comply with the legal requirements to install firebreaks.”

Relevant land owners have received communication detailing their responsibilities.

Failure to comply will result in the issuing of an infringement notice.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said it was vital that land owners are vigilant when it comes to fire hazard management.

“Your support in being well-prepared in the event of a bushfire will greatly assist you, your neighbours and firefighters,” she said.

For further information, visit wanneroo.wa.gov.au/firebreaks or call Community Safety and Emergency Management on 9405 5000.

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