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Do you have citrus gall wasp?

Published Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Citrus gall wasp is a pest of citrus and a threat to the citrus industry in Western Australia.

Citrus gall wasp

This is a message from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

The wasp damages citrus by producing galls that can weaken trees, making them unproductive. Heavy infestations can reduce crop yield and cause branch dieback.

Home gardeners are encouraged to act now to stop the spread of this pest. Report galls to MyPestGuide Reporter by clicking below:

MyPestGuide Reporter

Stop the spread

Citrus gall wasps have a limited flying range. Infestations within a property occur by the close presence of infested citrus trees, including across the fence of urban properties. Spread over long distances is helped by the wind and by movement of infested trees or untreated infested branches into new areas.

What to do

  • Prune-out galls in September-October before wasps emerge.
  • Solarise prunings in a sunny location for a least four weeks (double bagging is best) or;
  • Shred prunings using the fine setting on a mulcher or your secateurs.
  • Check trees all year round and report any infestations.


  • Leave galls on the tree.
  • Throw galls in the rubbish without treatment.
  • Mix prunings directly into the compost.
  • Move citrus plants between properties

Find out more information by clicking below:

Citrus gall wasp information

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