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Developer contribution arrangement surplus funds a common practice

Published Thursday, 21st March 2019

The City of Wanneroo has refuted recent claims that Developer Contribution Arrangement funds have been allegedly mismanaged by its Administration. 

Civic Centre

Prior to undertaking development within the City of Wanneroo, landowners (the developers) in certain areas are required to enter into a Developer Contribution Arrangement to ensure that community infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and parks are paid for by the developers and not by residents. 

City of Wanneroo Planning and Sustainability Director, Mark Dickson said that “the City ensures that developer contributions funds are kept in a reserve account and are only spent on the infrastructure agreed from the outset with the relevant stakeholders.”

“Excess funds are only required to be returned back to the developers upon final completion of the development.

"In this instance, developers requested an early partial return of excess funds prior to the completion of developments, and the City is currently considering their requests,” said Mr Dickson.

Frequently Asked Questions

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