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City of Wanneroo proactive on increasing tree life

Published Friday, 17th May 2019

The City of Wanneroo is taking proactive measures to protect existing trees in the community and increase the tree canopy.


Since 2016, the City has planted 13,900 new trees in streetscapes and residential verges. These trees are watered for a two year establishment period to ensure their survival.

The City will also be developing a new Urban Forest Strategy in 2019/20 to consider the best way to further increase tree canopy cover.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said there were some existing challenges to retaining and increasing tree canopy in urban and developed areas, including vandalism.

“The City works in collaboration with developers and adopts a collaborative approach with state government agencies and the Urban Development Institute of Australia to limit the clearing of native vegetation,” Mayor Roberts said.

“Through development approval processes, the City considers its Local Biodiversity Plan and Local Planning Policies when advising developers and land owners on sustainability objectives relating to the conservation of trees in the urban environment.”

All trees on City managed land are maintained in accordance with the City's Street Tree Policy that aims to increase the City’s canopy cover and provide guidance for the care, control, protection and preservation of City trees.

“Enhancing the amenity of the City’s streetscapes and reserves through the planting of new trees and defining the circumstances under which the City’s trees can be removed or pruned are addressed in this policy,” Mayor Roberts said.

“Residents are encouraged to retain existing trees and vegetation within their own properties and consider planting trees that are suitable for their gardens to increase shade and provide food habitat native fauna.”

The City offers a free verge tree planting service to residents and businesses every winter for an additional tree to be planted on their verge adjacent to their property. The deadline for applying is 30 April each year via the City's website.

The City also hosts community planting days each winter for residents to assist in planting native tube stock plants in conservation reserves.

“Around 20,000 tubestock plants are planted as part of this program each year,” Mayor Roberts said.

“These events are a great way for our residents to give something back to the environment, learn about the City's conservation reserves and meet others in the community.”

Information on these events is available on the City's website.

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