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Old Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club Redevelopment

Invitation to comment on latest concept plans (Engagement period now closed)

In 2017, the City undertook an Expression of Interest process to invite candidates to demolish the existing Old Yanchep Surf Club building on Lot 10603 and construct an aspirational and iconic development to activate the area (see site map attached).

A detailed evaluation process in June-July 2018 identified a preferred candidate.  Support to redevelop this site for commercial purposes was reinforced through the community engagement on the Yanchep Lagoon Masterplan (YLM), which was approved by Council in August 2019.

The City then consulted with the community on the YLM and concept plans for the proposed site development.  With the original development candidate withdrawing from the project, Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 14 December 2020, resolved to progress the project with a second candidate Be Our Guest Pty Ltd.

Feedback invited

You are now invited to review and comment on Be Our Guest’s most recent concept plans and supporting documents (see attached concept plans).

To enable the community feedback to be analysed and presented to Council in coming months, comments are sought in writing by close of business 22 July 2021.

Written comments can be submitted by:

  • By Email: PropertyServicesMailbox@wanneroo.wa.gov.au
  • By post:  Locked Bag 1, Wanneroo WA 6946
  • In person: City of Wanneroo Civic Centre, 23 Dundebar Road Wanneroo, or Yanchep Two Rocks Access Centre (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) - 128 Yanchep Beach Road, Yanchep.

As well, you are invited to share your views with the City and other community members via the Your Say Shared community comments section below.


About the project

The Site

The old Yanchep Surf Club site has 2130m2 of developable area and falls within the State-owned Reserve 39022 (Crown land), managed by the City of Wanneroo under a management order. This means the site is available for the public to use now and into the future.

The property became vacant in 2017, following the relocation of the Yanchep Surf Life Saving Cub (Inc.) to the new surf club premises.  The former club premises are now disused.


The potential to redevelop the site was the subject of a 2-stage Expression of Interest (EOI) process, which commenced in October 2017 and concluded in early 2019.

The EOI requested demolition of the existing building and the exploration of potential redevelopment for an aspirational and iconic commercial opportunity.

In April 2019, Council approved a proposed lease arrangement with Westland Corporate, trading as Laguna – Fresh Starts to redevelop the site.  Lease negotiations progressed during the subsequent 12-18 months, but experienced delays due to the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Westland Corporate advised the City in late 2020 that it would be unable to proceed with the redevelopment.

In this context, a renewed proposal by the second ranking EOI participant, Be Our Guest, has been considered by Council.  In December 2020, Council determined to consider the proposal, with lease negotiations and community engagement to occur in advance of a second report to Council in early 2021 to consider a lease of the site.

Be Our Guest is proposing to develop the site as a boutique hospitality venue, similar to its successful and award-winning ventures at the Premier Mill Hotel in Katanning, the Farmers’ Home Hotel in Northam and the Freshwaters Café in Peppermint Grove. Be Our Guest also has significant experience in developing and operating ‘Dome’ branded sites in Western Australia and beyond.

Designs and concepts for the site remain at a preliminary stage, but are expected to include a casual and family friendly bar, café, kiosk, function space and accommodation.  Be Our Guest intends to seek community input in the course of finalising its design.

Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan

The Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan was approved by Council in August 2019.  The Master Plan was developed as a place-led process with significant input from the local community and other stakeholders.  

The key place drivers for the Master Plan are Keep It Natural, Keep It Local, Keep It Special and Keep It Simple.  The development of the old Yanchep Surf Club site will need to reflect this vision for the Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan. 

Community engagement will occur as part of the development of the proposal for the site.  The Yanchep Lagoon Precinct Community Working Group, comprising Councillors and local community representatives, will also have a key role in this process.

If you would like more information about the Master Plan, please go to the Yanchep Lagoon Master Plan in YOUR SAY page.

Key Dates

EOI Process commenced October 2017

    October 2017

    Date: 01/10/2017

EOI Evaluation Process

    15 June to 16 July 2018

    Date: 16/07/2018

Private Treaty Lease Negotiations begin, following Council presentation

    1 August 2018 to Present

    Date: 01/08/2018

Community engagement and public comment period on initial concept plans

    21 January 2019 to 18 April 2019

    Date: 18/04/2019

Council consideration of Be Our Guest proposal

    December 2020

    Date: 31/12/2020

Further community engagement (NOW CLOSED)

    Closes 22 July 2021

    Date: 23/07/2021

Development Application


    Date: 01/01/2022

Submit your comments

Please refer to the City's Rules of Engagement before submitting a comment.

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