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Residential Design Codes

From September 1 2023 new Medium Density Codes will be introduced - are you ready?

Visit wanneroo.wa.gov.au/residentialdesigncodechanges to view some frequently asked questions.

The Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) is a State Planning Policy (7.3) of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) that applies to all residential development across Western Australia.

R-Codes include a series of development requirements that apply to residential development (e.g. setbacks, car parking visual privacy, overshadowing, etc.). The development requirements contained in the R-Codes vary between the type and density of the proposal.

The objectives of the R-Codes are :

  • To provide residential development of an appropriate design for the intended residential purpose, density, context of place and scheme objectives.
  • To encourage design consideration of the social, environmental and economic opportunities possible from new housing and an appropriate response to local amenity and place.
  • To encourage design which considers and respects heritage and local culture.
  • To facilitate residential development which offers future residents the opportunities for better living choices and affordability.

Residential Design Codes.