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About Your Say

Rules of Engagement

  1. Keep comments specific to the project
  2. Use plain language, avoid acronyms and try to keep comments brief and concise
  3. Be positive and constructive
  4. Respect the views of others and never defame anyone or any organisation
  5. Consider the specific needs and interests of different groups and never comment on a person’s gender, race, culture, religion or age etc.
  6. Never include individual names or employees, participants or community members
  7. Don’t swear or be obscene
  8. Advertising and product or service marketing information is not permitted
  9. If you have any complaints or feedback on the City’s community engagement practices and/or our Your Say site, email our Engagement Advisor directly.
  • Moderation of posts

  • All comments will be reviewed by City staff against the rules of engagement before publishing.
  • Any inappropriate comments not complying with the rules will be declined. 
  • We will not edit any posts.  If there are any major problems with the spelling, grammar or format we may not publish some posts.
  • Where posts are not published, we may contact participants to make adjustments and reconsider publishing.
  • If a participant repeatedly violates the rules, they may be temporarily or permanently suspended from Your Say – depending on the severity of the breach.