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Environmental Health for Residents

Environmental Health relates to the practice of managing the health risks of a community. The City’s Health Services has several programs that assess and manage risks, as well as providing direction and education to the community.

Some of the programs managed by Health Services include:

  • Child immunisation program.
  • Risk assessment and approval of food premises including restaurants,
    take away shops, lunch bars, pubs, etc.
  • Risk assessment and approval of public events and buildings.
  • Risk assessment and approval of on-site effluent disposal systems such
    as septic tanks, ATUs and grey water systems.
  • Investigation of noise nuisances.
  • Investigation of communicable diseases.
  • Investigation of health nuisances including pests and odour.
  • Monitoring of public swimming pools and spas.
  • Risk assessment and monitoring of vectors of disease such as

Environmental Health Officers and Health Technical Officers are readily available to provide expert advice on public and environmental health matters. Please contact Health Services on (08) 9405 5444 for further information.

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