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Bulk Verge Collection

Junk Bulk Refuse collection

Bulk verge refuse collections are provided to help residents dispose of large garden and household items that cannot fit into the 240-litre rubbish carts.

To recycle tree loppings, garden pruning's and lawn clippings please take to the Green Waste Recycling facility at Motivation Drive, Wangara. Please call 9405 5629 for more information (weekends only).

Pruning's and lawn clippings can be placed in the domestic rubbish bin to assist with recycling of household waste into Organic Soil Conditioner to Australian Standard 4454.
Please be aware that currently no items are recycled from the junk collection by the city. A recycling area is available at the Tamala Park Refuse site located on Marmion Avenue. Please call 9306 6303 for more information.

Two bulk collections are performed in the City of Wanneroo per year, one for green waste only (trees and shrubs ONLY), and one for general waste and junk only (furniture, whitegoods, timber, etc).
The City encourages residents to restrict their bulk waste to a 3 cubic metre pile of rubbish.

WANNEROO BULK COLLECTION 2014 Bulk collection dates
Koondoola/Girrawheen East 18-Aug-14
Beach Rd, Alexander Dr, Marangaroo Dr (even numbers), Girrawheen Ave (Even Numbers)
Girrawheen West/Alexander Heights East 25-Aug-14

Beach Rd, Girrawheen Ave (odd numbers), Marangaroo Dr, Wanneroo Rd / The Avenue (even numbers), Marangaroo Dr (odd numbers), Alexander Dr, Hepburn Ave

Alexander Heights West/Marangaroo East


Marangaroo Dr, The Avenue(odd numbers), Hepburn Ave, Highclere  Blv (even numbers)

Marangaroo West/Woodvale


Marangaroo Dr, Highclere Blv (odd numbers), Hepburn Ave, Wanneroo Road / West side of Wanneroo Rd  (Whitfords Ave to Woodvale Dr)

Landsdale 15-Sep-14

Hepburn Ave, Alexander Dr, Gnangara Rd, Mirrabooka Ave



Hepburn Ave, Mirrabooka Ave, Furniss Rd-Mullingar Wy, Hartman Dr, Gnangara Rd, Wanneroo Rd/Cnr Wanneroo Rd & Gnangara Rd (east side)



Ocean Reef Rd, Lenore Rd (even numbers), Elliott Rd (even numbers), Wanneroo Rd

Wanneroo 6-Oct-14

Elliott Rd (odd numbers), Lenore Rd-Franklin Rd (even numbers), Dundebar Rd (even numbers), Wanneroo Rd /  Ocean Reef Rd, Wanneroo Rd , Joondalup Dr.

Mariginiup/Jandabup/Gnangara/Sinagra/Wanneroo rural/Pt Banksia Grove


Neaves Rd-Joondalup Dr, Pinjar Rd, Wanneroo Rd, Dundebar (odd numbers), Franklin Rd-Lenore Rd (odd numbers), Ocean Reef Rd

Carramar/Banksia Grove


Wanneroo Rd, Joondalup Dr, Old Yanchep Rd, Flynn Dr



Wanneroo Rd, Pinjar Rd, Joondalup Dr

Clarkson 3-Nov-14

Marmion Ave, Neerabup Rd, Freeway Resv, Hester Ave

Mindarie/Quinns Rocks South


Mindarie (complete area), Quinns Rocks:- Tapping Way (odd numbers), Robinson Ave, Ocean Drive.

Quinns Rocks North/Jindalee


Jindalee (complete area), Quinns Rocks:- Ocean Dr, Robinson Ave, Tapping Way (even numbers), Quinns Rd, Marmion Ave

Butler 24-Nov-14

Marmion Ave, Lukin Dr, Freeway Res, Myrlea Trl (south side)/Oakbank Link



Lukin Ave, Marmion Ave, Hester Ave, Freeway Res.

Nowergup/Alkimoss/Pinjar/Carabooda/Eglington / Yanchep


Ridgewood (complete area), Yanchep/St Andrews (complete area) Wanneroo Rd, Flynn Dr, Perry Rd, Old Yanchep Rd

Two Rocks


Two Rocks including Seatrees Estate

2014 bulk waste collection dates will be available soon.

2014 Greens Verge Collection Dates

Koondoola 17-Feb-14
Beach Rd, Alexander Dr, Marangaroo Dr,                     Mirrabooka Ave (Even Numbers)
Girrawheen East 24-Feb-14
Beach Rd, Mirrabooka Ave ( Odd Numbers), Marangaroo Dr, Girrawheen Ave (Even Numbers), 
Girrawheen West  Part Marangaroo 3-Mar-14
Beach Rd, Girrawheen Ave (Odd Numbers), Marangaroo Dr, Wanneroo Rd
Alexander Heights 10-Mar-14
Marangaroo Dr, Alexander Dr, Hepburn Ave,                           The Avenue (Even Numbers)
Alexander Heights 17-Mar-14
Marangaroo Dr, The Avenue (Odd Numbers), Hepburn Ave,Mirrabooka Ave
Marangaroo East 24-Mar-14
Marangaroo Dr, Mirrabooka Ave, Hepburn Ave,Highclere Bvd (Even Numbers)
Marangaroo West 31-Mar-14
Marangaroo Dr, Highclere Bvd (Odd Numbers), Hepburn Ave, Wanneroo Rd
Landsdale, Part Darch 7-Apr-14
Hepburn Ave, Alexander Dr, Gnangara Rd, Attwell St, Driver Rd, Evandale Rd
Darch, Madeley, Wangara 14-Apr-14
Hepburn Ave, Evendale Rd, Driver Rd, Attwell St, Gnangara Rd, Hartman Dr, Ocean Reef Rd, Wanneroo Rd
Hocking, Pearsall, Wanneroo (Part) 21-Apr-14
Ocean Reef Rd, Lenore Rd (Even Numbers), Elliott Rd ( Even Numbers), San Rosa Rd (Odd Numbers)
Wanneroo (West) 28-Apr-14
San Rosa Rd ( Even Numbers), Wanneroo Rd (Odd Numbers), Joondalup Dr.
Wanneroo (East) 5-May-14
Elliott Rd (Odd Numbers), Lenore Rd, Franklin Rd, Dundebar Rd (Even Numbers), Wanneroo Rd (Even Numbers).
Mariginiup, Jandabup, Sinagra,          Wanneroo (Garden Park), Gnangara 12-May-14
Wanneroo Rd, Dundebar Rd(Odd Numbers), Lenore Rd, Franklin Rd, Ocean Reef Rd, Badgerup Rd Sydney Rd, City Limets, Neaves Rd, Greenvale Pl, Pinjar Rd.
Ashby, Tapping, Carramar, Banksia Grove. 19-May-14
Wanneroo Rd, Pinjar Rd, Grenvale Pl, Old Yanchep Rd,     Flynn Dr.
Clarkson 26-May-14
Marmion Ave, Neerabup Rd, Freeway Resv, Hester Ave
Mindarie, Quinns Rocks (Part) 2-Jun-14
Mindarie (Complete area), QUINNS:- Tapping Way (Odd Numbers), Robinson Ave, Ocean Drive.
Quinns Rocks, Jindalee 9-Jun-14
Jindalee (complete area), QUINNS;- Ocean Dr, Robinson Ave, Tapping Way (Even Numbers), Quinns Rd, Marmion Ave
Merriwa, Butler 16-Jun-14
Complete areas.
Ridgewood, Neerabup, Carabooda, Nowergup, Pinjar, Alkimoss, Eglinton 23-Jun-14
 Ridgewood (all), Wanneroo Rd, Flynn Dr, Perry Rd, Old Yanchep Rd
Yanchep, Two Rocks 30-Jun-14
Two Rocks (all), Yanchep (all)


What materials can I leave out for bulk waste collection?
Bags and boxes of garden waste, stoves, refrigerators (doors removed and degassed) and other white goods.

Tree pruning's, bricks, bottles, rubble, sand, cement, fencing, wire strapping, inflammable liquids, oil, paint, chemicals, pesticides, foodstuffs, tyres, asbestos & asbestos cement (fibro) sheeting, old gas bottles (please take to Kleenheat), glass items, lead acid car batteries, car parts, agricultural waste or any item exceeding 1.5m in length.

What materials can I leave out for green waste collection?
Tree pruning's and shrubs only. Please stack branches with cut ends facing the road.
No bags or boxes of green waste. No other waste.


How can I find out when the bulk collection is due for my area?

An advance schedule of bulk collections is published on this website. A map of each area is advertised in the Community newspaper during the week prior to collection, as well as a detailed list of acceptable materials.

In addition, signs are placed on the main entry roads to each suburb during the week prior to bulk collections. Please note that bulk rubbish must not be placed on the verge until your area has been advertised, one week prior to collection starting.



Enquiries: Waste Services: 9405 5000
Phone the bulk hotline: 9405 5000

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