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What approvals do I need? - Single house

Description A single dwelling standing on its own lot.
Do I need approval?

A planning approval will NOT be required if the Single House meets the deemed to comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes or District Planning Scheme No. 2, where applicable in the following zones:

  • Residential  
  • Mixed Use
  • Business
  • Commercial
  • Rural Community
  • Special Residential

In the following zones a planning approval is always required for a Single House:

  • Rural Resource
  • General Rural
  • Special Rural

Please note: Where applicable a planning approval should be obtained prior to submitting for a building permit.

A building permit is required for all single houses.

What do I need to submit?


  • Completed Development Application Form and Checklist
  • Relevant fees (Refer to the Planning and Sustainability Fee Schedule, item number 1)
  • 1 x copy site plan – drawn to scale at not less than 1:200
  • 1 x copy floor plan – drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200
  • 1 x copy elevations – drawn to scale of 1:100 or 1:200
  • 1 x copy justification for any variation to guidelines (optional)



  • Completed Application for Building Permit - BA2 form
  • Relevant fees
  • 1x copy of site plans (Scale 1:200) - The site plan must show a contour survey or spot levels, proposed finished floor levels, the distance the proposed structure will be setback from the lot boundaries,
    septic systems & north point
  • 1x copy of elevations (Scale 1:100)
  • 1x copy of floor plans (Scale 1:100)
  • 1x copy of building specifications
  • 1x copy of energy efficiency (6 star required)
  • 1x copy Engineers Details (if required)
    • Site inspection
    • Footing and slab details
    • Retaining wall details
    • Report on existing retaining wall
  • Termite Management Solution
  • Home Indemnity Insurance or Owner Builder Certificate (not required if less than $20,000)
  • Health Approval (if required)
  • Development Approval (if required)
  • Codes Variation Approval (if required)
  • BAL Report (if required)
  • BA20 – Notice and request for consent to work affection other land encroachment or adversely affecting (if required)
  • Any Alternate Solution (if required)


  • A completed Application for Building Permit - BA1 form
  • Completed Certificate of Design Compliance 
  • Relevant fees
  • 1 x copy of all technical documents noted on the Certificate of Design Compliance
  • Home Indemnity Insurance or Owner Builder Certificate (not required if less than $20,000)
  • Prior Development Approval (if required)
  • Prior Codes Variation Approval (if required)
  • Prior Health Approval (if required)
  • BA20 – Notice and request for consent for encroachment or adversely affect (if required)
  • BAL Report (if required)
  • Any Alternate Solution (if required)
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