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The City of Wanneroo has experienced a rapid rate of land development, which will continue into the foreseeable future. Along with significant population growth the City will face increased pressure for the provision of services to ensure the economic and social well-being of existing and future communities.

In developing areas, the City will work with the development industry to identify the type, nature, timing and cost of providing infrastructure and apportion these costs across fragmented landownership. In most cases, a Developer Contribution Plan (DCP) will be formulated and agreed, and applied as a condition of subdivision or development of the land.

The nature of the infrastructure of any infrastructure contribution area will vary depending upon the anticipated need and nexus of the infrastructure, the age of the contribution area and the timing for the provision of infrastructure within the area.

Prepared under Section 26 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 and State Planning Policy 3.6, 'Development Contributions for Infrastructure' , the City will prepare and implement developer contribution requirements through either direct negotiation with landowners or through the introduction of provisions into the Local Town Planning Scheme - District Planning Scheme Number 2 (DPS2).

The City of Wanneroo has numerous infrastructure contribution areas and is working with the development industry and landowners to develop new requirements for future urban areas.

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Before a subdivider or developer can make payment to satisfy their contribution obligations under the relevant contribution scheme area, the City is required to provide a quote on the contribution amount.

Please provide information relevant to the stage including a copy of the Deposited Plan or development approval using the quote form below.

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