Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency Survival Kit

Having an emergency kit is an important step to prepare and protect your household for an emergency such as a bushfire.

Keep your Emergency Survival Kit in a storage container in a location that is easy to get to and where the whole family knows about. 

Things to include in your kit are:

  • Portable battery operated AM/FM radio
  • Waterproof torch
  • Spare batteries
  • First aid kit with manual
  • Candles with waterproof matches
  • Woolen blankets
  • Emergency contact numbers

Don't forget to prepare for your pets as well. 

  • Ensure your pet is wearing an identification tag
  • If you're leaving take a leash, basket, medication, food and a familiar toy

For more information:

Visit the DFES website
Contact DFES Community Engagement on 9395 9816

Having items put aside can increase self-reliance and decrease the stress and panic that can be overwhelming when faced with an emergency. If you do already have an emergency kit, make sure you check it over and ensure everything is up to date and working properly.