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Wanneroo concerned at horse beach claims

Published Wednesday, 21st December 2016

City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts has expressed concern at the closure of the Hillarys Horse Beach which has been used for this purpose for decades.

Horses on beach

The City of Joondalup Council voted last week to no longer allow horses to use the beach, a beach carefully chosen by the former Shire of Wanneroo as the most suitable in the area.

“It is disappointing for the local community that the City of Joondalup decided to no longer allow horses to access and use the beach,” Mayor Roberts said.

“Joondalup council should take responsibility for their decision and explain why they decided to close the horse beach despite overwhelming community opposition, rather than trying to divert criticism to the City of Wanneroo. 

“Hillarys was specifically chosen by the Shire for very good reasons – it is sheltered, does not contain exposed rocks, is flat and easily accessible.

“However, most of our beaches in the City of Wanneroo have issues with erosion, rocky outcrops and submerged reef,” she said.

Mayor Roberts said Wanneroo would continue to work together with its community to ensure all uses of its coastline are given careful and proper consideration.

“The City of Wanneroo is currently undertaking a comprehensive Coastal Hazard and Risk Management Adaptation Plan which will determine the potential impact of sea level rise and coastal erosion on the City’s coastline over the next 100 years.

“This will help identify appropriate uses for all its beaches as part of the finalisation of the City’s Coastal Management Plan.

“The City of Wanneroo has invested a significant amount of time and money to identify appropriate uses for its stretch of coastline. However, the City will not be making a decision until this proper planning process – including community consultation - has been completed.”

Mayor Roberts said Hillarys Horse Beach should be open for all West Australians and visitors to use, despite the City of Joondalup claiming it “does not accept that equestrian activity belongs as a legitimate use of land” within its boundary.

“The coastline is a public amenity for all to use.”

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