; Budget 22 - City of Wanneroo

Budget 22

Our City is like one big house and like you, we have a budget for looking after it. From keeping the lights on all night to maintaining nearly 600 parks, we keep things running so you can enjoy the many services and facilities that make Our House a great place to live. 

We have allocated a budget of $231.2 million to keep Our House running. From lighting local roads at night to mowing, mulching and watering our local parks. To learn more about the costs of running Our City, Our House, see examples below.

Lighting icon

$6.3m on lighting local roads at night, making them safer for everyone.

Sports icon

$3.1m to operate sports facilities, including club/community group subsidies.

Waste icon

$666,000 to remove verge waste and clean up instances of illegal dumping.

Park icon

$6.1m to mow, mulch and water, to keep local parks looking neat and tidy.

Health icon

$4.5m for regular ranger patrols, to ensure your neighbourhood remains safe.

Conservation icon

Over $1m to care for local bushland and protect natural biodiversity.

Facilities icon

$719,000 to provide engaging and entertaining support programs at youth centres.

Libraries icon

$7.7m to educate and entertain visitors to our local libraries.

Our City, Our House