; Budget 2022-23 - City of Wanneroo

Budget 2022-23

Budget overview

We budget for a whole host of services to keep our community thriving, including managing and maintaining parks, play equipment, sporting grounds and recreation and community centres. 

We invest in community safety, by providing 24/7 safety patrols, enhancing CCTV infrastructure and building safer roads and pathways.

A budget of $235 million has been allocated for 2022/23, so our community can enjoy the many services and facilities that make Our City a great place to live. See some examples below.

Lighting icon

$57.3m on roads, pathways and street lighting.

Sports icon

$43.7m on sports facilities.

Waste icon

$33.7m on waste and recycling.

Park icon

$29.9m on parks and playgrounds.

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$18.9m on community health, safety and emergency.

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$18.7m on community facilities.

Conservation icon

$12.1m on foreshore management and conservation.

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$10.8m on libraries, museum and heritage.

Governance icon

$7.1m on governance.

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$2.4m on business and economic development.