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Community Toolkit

The City of Wanneroo is committed to supporting community groups, small not-for-profit organisations and passionate individuals to make a positive difference in our community. 

The City’s Community Toolkit includes many resources to help you and your group build your knowledge and skills, achieve your goals and have a positive impact in the community. Available resources include templates, videos, short courses and more.

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub for training resources on topics such as boards and committees, grants and tenders, fundraising, volunteers, risk management, COVID-19 and marketing. You can preview the Wanneroo Learning Hub and sign up for your free membership here. Alternatively, you can view the topics listed below for suggested materials that are accessible in the Wanneroo Learning Hub. Please note: memberships are available to City of Wanneroo residents only.

Boards and committees

Do you have a board or committee? Or are you interested in starting one? Boards and committees are formal arrangements that require ongoing commitment and responsibility.


Instructions- Becoming Incorporated

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access articles, short courses and videos on topics such as whether you should consider incorporating, questions to ask your board and  legal responsibilities of committee members. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub page.


Communication and Meetings

Communicating effectively with your members, volunteers, the community and funding bodies is critical to the success of your group.  Did you know that meetings are one of your most important communication tools?


Template- Meeting Agenda 

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access videos on topics such as top tips for effective meetings and holding meetings using technology. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub page.


Forming your idea

Before you start raising funds, running events, holding meetings or helping the community, you need to be very clear about your goals. Take the time to consider what you want to achieve.


Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access articles on  topics such as defining the purpose of an event. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub.


Funds and Finances

At some point you will most likely need some money to help you to achieve your goals. There are many ways that you can access funding, including fundraising and grants. You’ll also need to take the time to carefully plan how you’re going to manage your funds on an ongoing basis.

Funding opportunities

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access articles, short courses and videos on topics such as different types of fundraising, an introduction to grant writing, common mistakes grant writers make, and how to read and analyse your financial statements. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub page.


How to be Inclusive

The City of Wanneroo is made up of a diverse mixture of ages, genders, cultures and abilities. Everyone wants be part of a welcoming and inclusive community, so we encourage you consider this in your activities.  

General information


Marketing can help you promote your group, ideas and activities. Most importantly, effective marketing can help your community group grow.

Promotional opportunities

Did you know that the City of Wanneroo has an online Community Directory? You can list your group or club and promote specific  events or activities for free! It is viewed by thousands of people each month and provides a valuable opportunity for you to promote what you do. Visit the Community Directory

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access short courses and videos on topics such as why you need to focus on marketing, developing your marketing messages and building your website. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub.

Running events

Events are an effective way for you to connect with the local community. Events allow you to attract new funding, gain new members and volunteers, and raise awareness of your cause and what you do.

General information

If you'd like to host an event at a City of Wanneroo location such as a park or community centre, you’ll need to consider how to book a facility and submit an event notification and application

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access articles and short courses on topics such as event risk management, common event management mistakes and tips to deliver events on a $0 budget. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub.


Volunteers are the heart of our community and essential to your group’s success, so it’s important to engage with them effectively.


General information

Volunteering WA  are the official source of information when it comes to all things volunteering. They offer information, training, advice, network meetings and resources, many of which are free.

Wanneroo Learning Hub

Access articles and videos on topics such as how to attract youth volunteers, tips for recruiting and keeping volunteers and creating a positive volunteering culture. Visit the Wanneroo Learning Hub.

More information

For more information about available support for community groups, please contact the City’s Community Development Team on 9405 5000 or email communitydevelopment@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

Please note:  the resources on this page are for general information purposes and we encourage you to ensure they meet your individual requirements.