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Quinns Rocks - Proposed Amendment to Holiday House (DA2020/974) at 19 Duncombe Grove (DA2022/431)

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 29/04/2022 to 13/05/2022.


Proposed Amendment at Holiday House (DA2020/974) at 19 Duncombe Grove, Quinns Rocks  (DA2022/431)

The application proposes the following (as advertised by the applicant):


·         Check in at 2:00pm and checkout at 10:00am and minimum stay of 3 days and maximum of 30 days;

·         Upon receipt of a complaint, the matter will be responded to within 24 hours;

·         Guests are to dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided and the property manager is to take out the bins for collection;

·         No parties are permitted on the property at any time and excessive noise is not permitted beyond 10pm. In addition heavy machinery cannot be operated on the property;

·         A maximum of two dogs can be permitted on the property with prior approval from the Property Manager;

·         Two parking bays are provided on the property;

·         A maximum occupancy of 4 guests and 2 children; and

·         Details of guests are to be provided to the Property Manager prior to staying on the property and no visitors are permitted on the property. 

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