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Great Recycling Challenge

Community engagement has now closed. Comments were submitted from 28/10/2019 to 17/01/2020.


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We are approaching the final stages of the City of Wanneroo’s Great Recycling Challenge and we would like you to share your experience on how it went.

Participants, and anyone interested in the topic, are invited to complete a short survey on the Challenge - which is open between 25 November and 17 January 2020.

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You can also continue the conversation below for others to read or join in.

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Great Recycling Challenge has begun

The City of Wanneroo’s Great Recycling Challenge is under way.

From 28 October through to 6 December the City’s friendly Waste team will visit a random selection of houses across the City.

The Waste team will conduct simple visual checks of kerbside bins and provide feedback on tags left on bin handles.

Although participants are randomly selected for the Great Recycling Challenge, everyone is encouraged to get involved in this education program to improve our recycling habits.

If you receive a smiley face tag you’ll automatically be entered into the prize draws to win cash prizes.   To be in the running, all you need to do is recycle right and ensure sure your bins are placed out by 6am on your collection day.

Anyone can ask us recycling questions using the online form or share these questions or your experiences with others - See Shared Community Comments section below.

More on the Challenge

Recycling correctly reduces the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill and also greatly reduces the amount of money spent on waste management; savings which would ultimately be passed onto you, the ratepayer.

Results of a recent bin content audit with the City of Wanneroo showed that some materials are going into the wrong bin. If bins are contaminated, it can reduce the quality of our community’s recycling and even cause harm to the workers at the sorting facility.

To improve the recycling habits of residents and reduce contamination in waste and recycling bins, the City has launched the Great Recycling Challenge (GRC).

As part of this household waste education program, the City’s Waste team will visit a random selection of 1,800 houses across the City’s 36 suburbs. 

The Waste team will conduct simple visual checks of kerbside bins and provide feedback on tags left on bin handles. Each property selected to take part will be visited multiple times over an eight week period and our Waste team will provide feedback via the tags, as well as in person where it is convenient.

By taking the time to recycle correctly, you’ll be eligible to go into the running to win prizes.  Unfortunately there is no opportunity to opt in for this program because all properties are randomly selected.

How will I know if I am a selected property?

If you are selected for the Challenge, you will receive tags on your household bins presented for collection during the last week of October or the first week of November.  You will also receive a letter in your letterbox introducing the GRC, along with an information flyer.

To learn more about recycling right, the Great Recycling Challenge, competition terms and conditions or to opt-out visit our website or call 9405 5000.

Key Dates

  • Round 1 of the Challenge
  • 28 October to 8 November 2019
  • Date: 09/11/2019
  • Round 2 of the Challenge
  • 11 to 22 November 2019
  • Date: 23/11/2019
  • Final round of the Challenge
  • 25 November to 6 December 2019
  • Date: 06/12/2019
  • Community Surveys
  • 25 November to 17 January 2020 (Extended by four weeks)
  • Date: 17/12/2019
  • Post visits to households needing direct support
  • 9 December to 20 December
  • Date: 20/12/2019