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Neerabup - Extractive Industry Licence Application - Lot 9003 (85) Mather Drive

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Extractive Industry Licence Application - Lot 9003 (85) Mather Drive, Neerabup

Development Approval was granted by the City of Wanneroo on 1 December 2020 for Urban Resources Pty Ltd to carry out Industry – Extractive and Bulk Earthworks on Lot 9003 (85) Mather Drive, Neerabup, as well as on a part of the Mather Drive road reserve. Lot 9003 is land owned in Freehold by the City of Wanneroo and the road reserve is managed by the City.

In accordance with the requirements of City of Wanneroo’s Extractive Industries Local Law 1998, Urban Resources Pty Ltd also requires an Extractive Industry Licence to carry out extractive industry on Lot 9003.

Urban Resources has submitted an application to the City of Wanneroo for an Extractive Industry Licence at the above-mentioned property. The application seeks a Licence to extract sand and limestone, to form the land to the final surface levels needed to support further industrial development of the Neerabup Industrial Area.

Key details of the proposed works on Lot 9003 are as follows:

  • Up to 200,000 tonnes of limestone and up to 300,000 tonnes of sand extracted per year. Limestone extracted will be crushed and screened, or broken down into small pieces by bulldozer track rolling;
  • It  is expected that at least 100,000 tonnes of sand per annum will be screened and processed for the market, with the remainder extracted for use of filling parts of Lot 9003.
  • Limestone and sand not used for earthworks will be pushed into stockpiles to the floor of the pit, before being loaded into road trucks to be transported off the site;
  • It is expected that there will be an average of 100 vehicle movements per day (80 being from trucks), increasing to 320 movements daily (300 from trucks) to service large contracts.
  • There will be a 2-10 person workforce, depending on the level of the operations and market demands;
  • Operating hours of 6.00am – 6:00pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays);
  • Vehicle access into the subject land is initially proposed to be from an existing sealed road in Lot 9003, off Mather Drive near the existing cul-de-sac head; and
  • A new compound will be located off the existing sealed road on Lot 9003. The compound will provide a weighbridge, site office, sea containers for storage, parking of vehicles as well as fuel and water tanks. The compound will be surrounded by security fencing.

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