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Owning a dog

Dog waste bag dispensers

Dog waste

The City has placed dispensers in active parks and dog beaches for residents to use when they occasionally forget to bring their own bags.  Dog owners have the responsibility of supplying their own bags and removing dog excrement under the Litter Act 1979 and should always carry a bag with them when walking their pet.  Leaving dog poo in public areas such as streets, parks and on beaches can all incur a fine. Under the Litter Act 1979 you can be fined $200 for not cleaning up after your pet.

Click below to view a 'Dog Poo fact sheet':

 All parks listed below now have dog waste bag dispensers. 

Residents should also note there are almost 1000 bins in over 280 parks across the City and any of these can be used to dispose of used dog poo bags.

Alexander Heights

  • Alexander Heights Park, Alexander Drive
  • Highview Park, Donegal Lane

Banksia Grove

  • Grandis Park, Grandis Boulevard
  • Peridot Park, Peridot Turn


  • Kingsbridge Park, Kingsbridge Boulevard


  • Houghton Park, Millendon Street & Houghton Drive


  • Anthony Waring Park, Waring Green
  • Richard Aldersea Park, Aldersea Close
  • Riverlinks Park, Riverlinks Drive


  • Ashdale Park, Tullamore Drive


  • Heath Park, Cinnabar Drive (oval only)


  • Blackmore Park, Blackmore Avenue
  • Ferrara Park, Ferrara Way
  • Hainsworth Park, Salcott Road
  • Hudson Park, Hudson Avenue
  • Liddell Park, Liddell Street


  • Bembridge Park, Bembridge Avenue
  • Gunguru Park, Foranda Close


  • Brigantine Park, Jindalee Boulevard
  • Jindalee Beach Foreshore Reserve, Jindalee Boulevard


  • Butterworth Park, Butterworth Avenue
  • Koondoola Park, Burbridge Avenue
  • Shevlock Park, Shevlock Crescent/Callison Way


  • Broadview Park, The Broadway
  • Fragola Park, Kingsway
  • Sandison Park, Sandison Way
  • Warradale Park, Warradale Terrace


  • Amstel Park, Lockeport Approach
  • Kingsway Regional Sports Complex, Kingsway Road


  • Cabrini Park, Cabrini Road
  • John Maloney Park, Highclere Boulevard
  • Paloma Park, Paloma Loop


  • Addison Park, Addison Gardens
  • Dalvick Park, Dalvik Avenue


  • Abbeville Park, Rothesay Heights
  • Tauranga Park, Tauranga Retreat


  • Covent Park, Busch Parkway

Quinns Rocks

  • Belhaven Park, Sirius Ramble
  • Gumblossom Park, Cnr Quinns Road and Tapping Way
  • Mid Quinns Rocks Foreshore, Ocean Drive
  • North Quinns Rocks Foreshore, Waterland Point/Ocean Drive
  • Queenscliffe Park, Ocean Drive


  • Ridgewood Park, Ridgewood Boulevard


  • Jumbub Swamp Park, Ashley Road

Two Rocks

  • Charnwood Park, Charnwood Avenue
  • Leemans Landing Jordan Park, Macron Street
  • Two Rocks Boat Ramp, Jordan Street


  • Edgar Griffiths Park, Garden Park Drive
  • Rotary Park, Scenic Drive
  • Scenic Park, Scenic Drive
  • Lake Joondalup Foreshore, Scenic Drive


  • Panzano Park, Cosimo Drive


  • Compass Park, Compass Circle
  • Kalbarri Park, Kalbarri Avenue
  • Oldham Park, Oldham Way
  • Yanchep Active Open Space, Splendid Avenue