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Owning a dog

Information for dog owners within the City of Wanneroo.

  • Households in residential areas are limited to two dogs.
  • Households on a rural property are limited to six dogs (the rural property must be over 4 hectares for up to 6 dogs to be authorised by Council).
  • Households can apply for permission to keep more than two dogs by completing the keeping more than two dogs application form outlining the reasons why they wish to keep more than the required number of dogs.
  • A fee of $153.00 applies to the application. The fee is non-refundable should the application be declined.

Register your dog

Application to keep more than two dogs online form

Application to keep more than two dogs (hard copy)


  • From 01 November 2013, dogs must be microchipped when they are registered for the first time or when a change of ownership occurs.
  • By 30 November 2013 all dangerous dogs, which includes restricted breeds, and commercial security dogs, must be microchipped.
  • By 01 November 2015, all dogs must be microchipped.

Dog sterilisation subsidy

  • If you have recently adopted a dog from the City of Wanneroo Animal Care Centre and had it sterilised within three months of that date, you may be eligible for a sterilisation subsidy. Contact our Rangers on 9405 5000 to determine your eligibility.

Pensioner rebates

Upon production of a Pensioner Concession Card, pensioners may register their dogs for half the usual fee.

Owner's responsibility

As an owner, you have a number of responsibilities as outlined by the Dog Act 1976, which states owners must ensure their dog:

  • Wears a collar displaying a current Council registration tag whilst in public places.
  • Can be confined to the premises where it lives.
  • Is held by a competent person capable of controlling a dog on a maximum two metre lead when in public places.
  • In designated areas, dogs may be exercised off a leash, but the person in control of the dog must carry a leash in case it is required.
  • Is registered in one person’s name who is over the age of 18 years.

Your dog and the law

Request a replacement tag

Dog waste

Dog waste is litter and a cause of major worry for communities because of the potential health, environmental and amenity impacts. For further information please click below:

Dog waste information

Exercise areas

All public reserves under the care, control and management of the City of Wanneroo have been designated as dog exercise areas. With the exception of::

  • Kingsway Sporting Complex (dogs may be exercised on a leash only but are prohibited on the netball courts)
  • Any public building, shop or business premises unless during a City approved event
  • Frederick J Stubbs Grove, Quinns Rocks
  • Wanneroo Showgrounds, Wanneroo
  • Beach Reserves, except designated areas
  • Road and street reserves
  • Coastal walkways or pedestrian access ways being part of Foreshore Reserve 20561*

*Foreshore reserve 20561 refers to land along the coast, specifically, beach areas adjacent to the ocean and extending up into the dunes along the entire coast of the City. Other than designated dog exercise beach areas at Quinns Rocks, Yanchep and Two Rocks, dogs are prohibited from being on the beach reserve. They may be walked on a lead only on the coastal pathways that has been constructed through parts of the foreshore.

Dog exercise beach locations

  • Part of Quinns Rocks Beach, Quinns Rocks - north from Tapping Way
  • Part of Yanchep Beach, Yanchep - south from Nautical Court
  • Part of Two Rocks Beach, Two Rocks - south of the southern groyne

Please note that you must maintain effective control of your dog whilst it is off leash.