; Elections - City of Wanneroo


Local Election - October 2023

An Ordinary Postal Election will be held on Saturday, 21 October 2023 in the City of Wanneroo.

Further information on voting and becoming a Council Member in the 2023 Local Election

The Returning Officer for the City of Wanneroo 2023 election is Brian McNamara.

Phone: 0497 172 369
Email: LGro_Wanneroo@elections.wa.gov.au

Local government elections are held biennially, on the third Saturday in October. The Mayor and Councillors are each elected to four-year terms. Half of all Councillor positions are eligible for election every two years and a Mayoral election is held every four years. 

The City of Wanneroo elections are run by the Western Australian Electoral Commission, which appoints a Returning Officer to oversee the elections, including taking candidate nominations and supervising the count during the election.