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Hire a park

Activities in parks

Please be aware that approval from the City is required to erect any structures in parks, such as bouncy castles, marquees, animal farms, pony rides etc. You will also need to book any activities for the City’s reserves, for more information please contact a Community Facilities Officer on 9405 5000.

Booking forms and information sheets

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to book a park for my child's birthday party?

  • If you’re having less than 50 people and are only using the amenities in the park, you don’t need a booking.
  • However, please refer to other frequently asked questions for more information about when you do need a booking.


I would like to hire a petting zoo/bouncy castle/animal rides/laser tag/face painting etc. for my child’s birthday. Do I need to book a space?

  • Yes, if you’re having any third party entertainer such as these, you will require a booking.
  • Power is not available for bouncy castles, so your provider will need to provide a generator.


Can my booking include a water slide or dunk tank?

  • Yes, but you will need a booking.
  • Noting, the City doesn’t supply the water, you will need to bring this in via a water truck. Water trucks should feed the slide from the car park. The weight of a loaded truck can damage park infrastructure, therefore are not allowed on parks.
  • Water run-off and emptying of the water can impact sports grounds. So if using a sporting facility, the slide or tank must be off the playing surface.
  • Water slides are not permitted close to lakes, or water catchment areas. Water can’t be discharged into drains, it can however be drained onto the park, but off the playing surface (if using a sports field).
  • The use of soaps/detergents on water slides is not permitted due to the potential contamination to waterways and damage to turf.


Can I bring my own shelter?

  • Yes, if it is for private use you can bring a shelter with no need for a booking.
  • The use of metal pegs is not permitted. These often get left behind and our mowing crews can’t see them, this creates a hazard and could cause damage to equipment.
  • Instead, use weights to hold them in place, or alternatively you can use bright coloured plastic pegs, but they shouldn’t go deeper than 30cm or you might puncture irrigation. 


Can I release balloons in the City of Wanneroo?


Park amenities

Can I book a gazebo or a bbq on a park?

  • No. All City parks are classed as public open space and can’t be reserved or cordoned off. Use of gazebos are on a first come first serve basis. This includes venues such as Rotary Park in Wanneroo.
  • Any decorations must be completely removed. Sticky tape must not be used.


How can I access the toilets?

  • Most of our toilets are open to the public. Refer the National Public Toilet Map. These toilets are on time-locks, and details (times) can be found on the toilet map.
  • The City is progressing with conversion of public toilets to time lock mechanisms, so some are still key locked.
  • Access to key locked toilets require the collection of a key, and keys are only accessible via a booking.


Are there enough bins on the park?

  • Bins are placed in parks for general daily use. This means you should bring along your own bin bags so you can take your extra rubbish with you.  
  • Bins in our parks contain mixed waste and go to land fill. If you have any bottles, please take them home for recycling, or look for your nearest Container for Change drop off point.
  • If you’re holding a larger scale community event, you will need to engage a commercial waste service provider and bring in additional bins at your own cost.


Food and drink

Can I bring my own BBQ to the park?

  • Yes, if it’s a portable gas BBQ, then you are fine. Drip trays must be used and the area left tidy when finished.
  • Wood/coal fuelled fires are not permitted due to ember risk and seasonal fire restrictions.


Can I drink alcohol at a park?

  • Yes, but this is limited to toasts (associated with weddings). You will need to book the space for approval. 
  • Alcohol consumption for other activities is limited to our community centres. If you’re having a birthday party and wish to consume alcohol, then consider booking one of our Community Centres.
  • All bottles must be removed from the park after your booking as they pose a safety risk to other parks users.


Can I invite a coffee or ice cream van to the park as part of my booking?

  • Yes, you may invite a vendor such as a coffee or ice cream van to the park during your booking.
  • The vendor will not need a trading in public places licence if you have invited them and approval to do so is listed on your booking confirmation.
  • The vendor may only trade to your guests, not to the general public.


General information

Can I take a vehicle into a park?

  • Depending on the reason for access, you will need a booking and conditions apply. The City has underground infrastructure, soft turfed areas and tree root areas that need to be avoided. 
  • Short notice bookings may not allow time for vehicle approvals, so please submit your enquiry at least two weeks before your activity if you require to take a vehicle onto a park.
  • Vehicles are not permitted on sports fields.


I'm getting married in a park, do I need to make a booking?

  • For important events such as weddings, the City recommends booking the space. Noting that gazebos can’t be booked, but you can book one of the City’s coastal decks.
  • If you would like to consume alcohol by way of a wedding toast, please include this with your enquiry so the relevant approvals can be included.


Can I use a public address system in a park?

  • Yes, but you will need to book and comply with the Environment Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997.
  • From Monday to Saturday between 7am and 7pm, you can use a system reasonably freely.
  • From Monday to Saturday between 7pm and 10pm, you need to reduce the noise.
  • On Sundays and public holidays, reasonable use is permitted between 9am-7pm. 
  • On Sundays and public holiday from 7pm to 10pm, you need to reduce the noise.
  • Public address systems are not permitted after 10pm, regardless of the day.


Can I book space on a beach?

  • The City doesn’t have authority to book activities or parties on beaches.
  • However, if you are planning to hold a large community event on a beach, you will need an event licence, obtained via the City’s Event Approval process.


I would like to hire Yellagonga Regional Park, Perry's Paddock, Wanneroo Pines, or Gnangara Pines.

  • These venues are not managed by the City, so you will need call the Regional Parks team at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on 9442 0300 or email regional.parks@dbca.wa.gov.au.