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Buying or leasing a premises

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If you are purchasing or leasing a property, you should check the zoning and land use of the property to ensure you can use it for the purpose you're intending.

Property zoning/zones

The City of Wanneroo is separated into 12 different zones, including Residential, Commercial, Business, Mixed Use and General Industrial.

Different land uses are permitted in different zones. It is important you check the zoning of a property before purchasing or leasing it to ensure you can use it for the intended business purpose.

You can check the zoning of a property through the City's online Intramaps system or by calling 9405 5000 and speaking with the on-duty Planning Officer.

Business use classes

All properties have a 'land use' or 'use'. Examples include shop, office, single house, café/restaurant and showroom. For specific details and requirements about land use classes see Part 3 - Zones  and Table 1 - The Zoning Table of the City's District Planning Scheme 2.

Approvals, licences & permits

When starting a business it is important to consider and understand the approvals, licences and permits required for your business: