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Fit out and refurbishment

Fit out and refurbishment of a property refers to the installation or change to internal fixtures, fittings and services within a premises 

Fit-out or refurbishment can be a major cost item; some items, such as the cost of moving plumbing, are often overlooked, so ensure you have an accurate fit-out budget that leaves you with sufficient funds to operate your business.

Council approval requirements

Step 1. Development (planning) Approval (sometimes required)

 As part of the fit out and refurbishment, if you are planning to any of the following you need to submit a Development Application for approval. 

Speak with a Planning Officer: 9405 5000

Step 2. Building Permit (required most of the time)

You may require a Building Permit depending on the type of building fit out and/or refurbishment being completed (for non-residential properties). We recommend you call and speak with one of the City's Building Surveyors on 9405 5000 to determine if you require a Building Permit. 

If you are changing the signage as part of the fit out and/or refurbishment you will require a Signage Licence.

Speak with a Building Surveyor: 9405 5000

Step 3. Health Legislation Compliance (sometimes required depending on business type)

Your building fit out and/or refurbishment must comply with the relevant health legislation if your property is being used for any of the following: 

  • Public Buildings
  • Food Business
  • Street Traders/Mobile Food Vendors
  • Liquor and Gaming Licences
  • Hair Dressing and Skin Penetration Premises
  • Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
  • Kennels and Catteries
  • Other requirements include: noise, unauthorised discharges.

Refer to the Health Legislation Requirements information sheet for further details.

Speak with an Environmental Health Officer: 9405 5000