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Waste and Recycling

Waste enquiries & FAQs

Bin and verge waste collection

You can search for your domestic bin collection day and verge collection schedule by entering your full address into our Near Me feature. Click below:

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Damaged or broken bin

The City of Wanneroo will repair or replace damaged bins for free. Before we can complete your request, please be advised that your bin must be:

  • Completely empty; and
  • Placed on the verge by 6am on the preferred delivery/repair date

Report a damaged or broken bin

Ordering a bin for new property

Click below to complete the online form to order your new general waste bin (green top) and recycling bin (yellow top). Please note: The person applying for the bin service needs to be the owner of the property.  

Order a new bin

After you place your order, the City will charge your rates account for the waste collection service of $200.00 (Waste Service Establishment Fee). This charge will either be shown on your annual rates notice or issued on an interim rates notice.

Ordering an additional bin (general waste & recycling)

If you always produce more waste than will fit in your kerbside bins, you can order an additional bin of either or both types. There is an additional waste service fee for a second bin.

Please note: The person applying for the additional bin needs to be the owner of the property. 

Order an additional bin

HINT: You can try to reduce your household waste by following tips from Switch Your Thinking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn't my bin emptied?

There could be a number of reasons why your bins haven't been collected:

  • Change of round: Sometimes the City is required to change the scheduled rounds, which changes the time of day that your bin is collected.
  • Bin placement: Your bin needs to be placed a metre from the kerb with the wheels facing away from the kerb. Bins should be one metre from each other and other obstacles, like cars, fences and letterboxes. Your bin needs to be out for collection on your bin day by 6am.
  • Contamination: If your bin has the wrong things in it, our driver will not collect it. The driver will leave a sticker. These items must be removed before the bin can be collected.
  • Weight: Bins can only weigh a maximum of 70kg. Items will need to be removed before bin can be collected.
  • Jammed bin: Overfilling the bin and jamming waste in can mean the truck can’t empty your bin. You will need to loosen items before the bin can be collected. (Hint: put lawn clippings on top of other items to prevent the bin from jamming).
  • Foreign bin: Only City of Wanneroo bins can be collected. Residents pay for this service through their rates.


Why haven't my bulk verge items been collected?

Our Bulk Verge team collects steel items separately for recycling. If only these items have been removed, it is likely that the Bulk Verge team will return to collect your remaining items.

Some items are not collected as part of bulk verge. Our team will leave a non-compliance card, explaining what you can do to dispose of these items.


Why is there a sticker on my bin?

Our drivers will put a sticker on your bin to let you know if there is an issue with your bins. Sometimes this will explain why your bin has not been collected and instructions on what you need to do. Other times it is a reminder for future bin collections. 


Can I have a one off extra bin collection?

Yes! A one off, extra bin collection can be arranged for residents who have too much rubbish and cannot wait until next week’s collection. There is an additional bin collection fee which must be paid online.

Pay for an extra bin collection


Can I quickly refill my bin and have it picked up from the other side of the street when the truck comes back past?

No. Your rates only cover a once-a-week collection of your domestic waste bin and a once a fortnight collection of your recycling bin.  If you have too much rubbish, you can organise a one off extra bin collection, or order an additional bin.

HINT:You can try to reduce your household waste by following these tips from Switch Your Thinking.


Where should I keep my bin when it is not out for collection?

When it is not your collection day, your bins must be kept on your property. The following tips can help you choose a location that will keep smells to a minimum:

  • Keep your bin lids closed. This stops smells spreading and flies from laying their eggs. If your bin lid is broken, please contact the City to organise a FREE repair.
  • Store your bins outside in a well ventilated and shady location.
  • Wrap your rubbish before putting it in the domestic waste bin. Alternatives to plastic bin liners include compostable bin liners or newspaper.
  • Clean your bin after it’s been emptied using dish washing detergent, vinegar and water, or diluted bleach.
  • Don’t overfill your bin. If you have too much waste, you can order an additional bin or one off collection (fees apply).
  • Freeze smelly items like seafood before throwing away on bin day.
  • Scrape clean or rinse your recyclables before putting in the yellow top recycling bin.


I am elderly/disabled and unable to put my bin out for collection. Does the City offer any special services to assist with this?

The City of Wanneroo does offer special services to those that need help with putting their bin out. Please contact the City on 9405 5000 to discuss options with a Customer Relations Officer.


I currently have an additional bin that I no longer need, can the City collect it?

Yes. Please contact the City on 9405 5000 (7am – 5pm) to arrange collection and cancellation of this service.


My bin collection is too early in the morning and wakes my family. What can I do?

To avoid traffic congestion in the City, waste must be collected outside normal business hours.  Unfortunately, noise associated with these activities can cause disturbance.


Does the City sell worm farms or compost bins?

The City does not supply worm farms.

As a participating council of the Switch Your Thinking program, residents are able to access “Rewards for Residents”. Visit the Switch Your Thinking website for more information.


Can I hire a skip bin from the City?

The City of Wanneroo schedules households with 1 bulk rubbish collection and 1 green waste collection per year. To order a skip bin, please contact a hire company (the City has no affiliations with any skip bin companies. Please refer to the Yellow Pages or Google for more information).


Where can I find information about recycling?

Visit our Recycling webpage for details on recycling along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Recycling information


Where can I find information about the Three Bin System?

Visit our Three Bin Kerbside Colletion page which has a list Frequently Asked Questions.

Three Bin Collection information


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