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Pesticide management

The City of Wanneroo employs pesticides to help eliminate a number of problematic weeds and pests that impact its ability to protect vegetation.

  • Management techniques include hand removal, slashing, painting/spot spraying and broad-acre spraying.
  • Pesticides are used in amenity areas under the City’s control such as, road reserves, drainage easements, rights of ways, public open spaces and other public areas.
  • The City endeavours to notify people who live, work in or visit an area where pesticide treatment is occurring.
  • A list of sites scheduled for programmed pesticide applications can be found by visiting our Pesticide Application sites webpage. (All scheduled applications may change without notice if weather and site conditions are not favourable.)
  • There are times non-programed pesticide treatment is required. On these occasions, signage will be in place.

For more information on pesticide usage, refer to the Pesticide Management Policy

Receive spray notification updates

Sign up for SMS alerts so you can be notified of when pesticide usage may occur in your suburb. Complete the form below to be added to the notification register*.

Pesticide Notification Register Form

*Please note residents will be required to register after 30 June each year to remain on the notification register.

No Spray Register

Residents who do not wish to have pesticides applied on the verge adjacent to their property can choose to be added to the City’s No Spray Register by completing the form below*

  • Residents may only apply to have the verges of their properties added to the register.
  • Residents can only apply for their own property to be added to the register.

No Spray Register Form

*Please note residents will be required to register after 30 June each year to remain on the No Spray Register.