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City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners

City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners 2019

City of Wanneroo Open Award (acquisitive) $7,500

Quinns beach painting


Artist: Susan Hoy
Title: Quinns Beach Cottage after Australia Day 2007
Media: Gouache
Category: Works on Paper
Judges' comments: A beautifully handled painting that is exquisitely executed. It holds a universal appeal and is laden with Australian iconography.

Best City of Wanneroo Resident $2,000

Last Witness artwork

Artist: Tanisha Burtnyk
Title: Last Witness
Media: Graphite
Category: Works on Paper
Judges' comments: Displaying technical expertise, the composition of this work is simple and beautiful. It uses graphie sensitively to bring out the fabric of the jacket. 

Highly Commended Wanneroo Resident $1,000

Done Working artwork

Artist: Ernie Feldmann
Title: I'm Done Working
Media: Wood, metal and paint
Category: Sculpture
Judges' comments: An appealing minimalist work with dynamic angles. It is playful and illustrates the artist's retirement from the workday slog. 

Painting overall $1,400

FOMO Christmas art

Artist: Tanya Jaceglav
Title: FOMO Christmas
Media: Oil
Category: Painting
Judges' comments: A very contemporary portrait depicting a true-to-life scene. The work has a deceptively simply quality, that is hard to achieve and do well. The media requires quick and confident brushwork. Beauty lies in those subtle lines. 

Painting Highly Commended $500

The Resting Place artwork

Artist: Greg Tothill
Title: The Resting Place, Amalia Gorge, El Questro
Media: Oil
Category: Painting
Judges' comments: An alluring painting with a high level of realistic technical accomplishment. It has depth that jumps out from the canvas, with beautifully handled textures and light.

Sculpture overall $1,400

Contain Objects artwork

Artist: Melissa Cameron
Title: Contain Objects
Media: Kiln-fired enamel on shipping container
Category: Sculpture
Judges' comments: An intriguing work which reflects the nature of the shipping container, whilst also playing with its shape. This work keeps the proportions delicate for an object so industrial.

Sculpture Highly Commended $500

Theseus artwork

Artist: Kathy Allam
Title: Theseus - Who Sets in Place
Media: Ceramic and plastic
Category: Sculpture
Judges’ comments: A quirky sculpture with an unusual combination of media and a surprising shape. This work's form and colour hints to materials washed up on the foreshore. 

Works on Paper overall $1,400

Nebuleuse artwork

Artist: Lorraine Defleur
Title: Nebuleuse I
Media: Ink
Judges’ comments: An exquisitely rendered drawing that is well-articulated through its delicate nature and layering. The work's interesting technique compels the viewer to look again and again. 

Works on Paper Highly Commended $500

Going going artwork

Artist: Marilyn Hamilton
Title: Going Going ...
Media: Out-of-date Polaroid film
Category: Works on Paper
Judges’ comments: An interesting composition with a luscious colour combination that contrasts and complements. It provokes curiosity and creates and element of fun in speculating about the subject matter.