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City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners

City of Wanneroo Art Awards winners 2016

Nine talented artists shared $16,800 in prize money in the City of Wanneroo Community Art Awards & Exhibition.

City of Wanneroo Open award (acquisitive) $7,500


Andy Quilty

Papa #3 by Andy Quilty

Media: Ballpoint pen, charcoal, graphite and aerosol (works on paper category).

Judges comments: This vibrant artwork displays high energy line making. The strong stare creates a powerful image, which has a very Australian feel to it.

Best City of Wanneroo Resident $2,000


Janey Emery

A Quiet Path by Janey Emery


Media: Acrylic (painting category)

Judges comments: This realistic artwork demonstrates a great use of colour. The perspective creates depth and the illusion of being in a forest.

Highly Commended Wanneroo Resident $1,000


Jennifer Sadler

Bushwalk by Jennifer Sadler

Media: Encaustic wax and mixed media on board (painting category)

Judges comments: The free flowing line-work creates a sense of movement, like the wind in the trees. The encaustic wax softens the composition and give the work a dreamy feel.

Painting overall $1,400


Mel Dare

Points of Reference 9 by Mel Dare

Media:Acrylic and ink on linen (painting category)

Judges comments:There is an underlying geometric grid which ties the work together. The circular form draws you into the composition. The minimalist style allows the viewer to interpret the painting in their own way.

Painting Highly Commended $500


Barry Jones

Oranges Duet by Barry Jones

Media:Oil on canvas (painting category)

Judges comments:This is a very tactile piece, with a great vibrancy of colour and shadow.

Sculpture overall $1,400


Adam Logie

Breathless by Adam Logie

Media:Wood and resin (sculpture category)

Judges comments:This work shows great expertise in the use of media. The beautiful translucency of the material evokes a sense of the ocean and of freedom.

Sculpture Highly Commended $500


Yuko Takahashi

Migration by Yuko Takahashi

Media:Recycled aluminium cans, timber and wire

Judges comments:There is mathematical precision in the construction, symmetry and craftsmanship of this work. It creates an illusion of light.

Works on Paper overall $1,400


Jeremy Lane

Trail Blazers by Jeremy Lane

Media:Pen and ink (Works on Paper category)

Judges comments:The structured and considered line work in this piece illustrates the textural quality of the boots. The technical aspects of the artwork are really highly refined.

Works on Paper Highly Commended $500


Serg Sobolev

A Drop of Clarity by Serg Sobolev

Media: Digital (Works on Paper category)

Judges comments:This digital print has an elegant composition. The background has an impressionist quality. It plays with reflection and clarity.