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Annual Report 2015-2016 - Welcome


About This Report

The City has prepared a comprehensive Annual Report detailing Council’s performance towards achieving the strategic objectives in the Strategic Community Plan. This Community Report is a concise version of the Annual Report and provides you with a summary of achievements for 2015/16.

More detail on the City’s performance, can be found in the City’s full Annual Report 2015/16 which is available by clicking below or viewed at Council’s Customer Service Centre, 25 Dundebar Road and the City’s Libraries.

Annual Report 2015/2016

Our Purpose

The City’s objectives and actions to achieve our vision and further improve services and facilities are described in our Corporate Business Plan 2015/16 – 2018/19. The Corporate Business
Plan 2015/16 – 2018/19
and associated Budget 2015/16 are reported on in this document.

The City of Wanneroo's Vision and Value


"Building a future together"


  • Communication
    We practise clear and timely exchange of information and feedback
  • Continuous Improvement
    We build capacity by improving our systems and processes
  • Innovation
    We add creativity and excitement to the workplace and projects we undertake
  • Integrity
    We behave in an honest, open, respectful and accountable manner
  • Teamwork
    We build functional relationships and work collaboratively to achieve common goals
  • Valuing Our People
    We are commited to providing a safe workplace and the development of a healthy, productive, flexible and skilled workforce to adequately resource the organisation