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Annual Report 2015-2016 - Welcome

Our Theme

The theme for the 2015/16 Annual Report is: economic enabling infrastructure.

How has the City supported the theme of ‘economic enabling infrastructure’ in 2015/16?

Infrastructure which supports and enables jobs, business and industry growth is critical to building a sustainable region. The City of Wanneroo plays an essential role in building the
physical infrastructure required to enable economic growth as well as facilitating economic development through our ability to influence and coordinate.

Economic enabling infrastructure is critical in order to attract investment; specifically timely and adequate investment in hard infrastructure such as roads, rail, telecommunications
facilities. Equally the City can promote investment in soft infrastructure including activities related to business support, education and training, advocacy and partnerships. The City has been successful in undertaking a number of initiatives throughout 2015/16 to enhance investment attraction.


In 2015/16 work commenced to construct an additional lane in each direction on Connolly Drive. This work will be completed in 2016/17 in anticipation of increased traffic when the Mitchell Freeway extension to Hester Avenue is completed. Another notable improvement is the Lenore Road realignment and upgrade which was completed in May 2016, ahead of schedule.


The City’s inaugural Advocacy campaign, in the lead up to the 2016 Federal election, was a major success. The focus of the campaign was to seek funding commitment to the extension of the Mitchell Freeway and heavy rail to Yanchep. City of Wanneroo residents topped the entire nation in support of this campaign – highlighting the community’s ownership of this issue.

The City has also been strongly involved in advocating for prioritised roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in our area, particularly our main employment areas with a focus on the Wangara Industrial Estate. The City has been heavily involved throughout 2015/16 in advocacy campaigns to enhance funding security for key infrastructure needs.

Economic Development

Without the City’s involvement in economic development, our local economy will be constrained by market forces so that local employment and business services will meet only the direct demands of local residents. In June 2016 the City adopted an Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2021, setting the direction for local economic development over the next five years. The strategy aims to consolidate support for local business and enhance the City’s focus on transformational initiatives to stimulate major investment (public and private), drive economic growth and diversify our economic base. Finalisation of this strategy was listed as an action in the City’s Corporate Business Plan 2015/16-2018/19 (CBP). In addition, as part of the City’s major structural realignment a new Advocacy and Economic Development Team has been created to drive the critical focus on creation of local jobs in the City.

The City’s commitment to local job creation is already evident through Council’s decision in 2015/16 to develop the City’s landholdings at Neerabup Industrial Area as a Strategic
Employment Centre.

Community and stakeholder engagement conducted as part of reviewing the City’s Strategic Community Plan consistently identified the need to continue to prioritise strategies that
focus on economic growth and development.