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Vocational Work Experience

The City of Wanneroo provides Educational Institutions with the opportunity to apply for vocational work experience placements for students over 18 years of age and for whom it is a mandatory requirement of their nationally recognised accredited course. 
The City of Wanneroo requires all applications to be submitted by Educational Institutions in order to meet our vocational work experience compliance requirements. Please note: no third party applications will be accepted. 

Individual applicants will need to contact their Educational Institution to submit an application on their behalf.  

The City will provide preference to students who reside in the City of Wanneroo.


Vocational work experience: structured work placements supporting national units of competency
Educational Institutions: TAFE, University or Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
Third party: Any applicant other than the Educational Institution or Student.
Student:A person over 18 years of age registered at an Educational Institution

Terms of Application

  • No third party applications will be accepted. All placements are subject to the City of Wanneroo’s Vocational Work Experience Management Procedure. 
  • Only Registered Training Organisation, TAFE and University students will be accepted for placement.
  • All students must be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Educational Institutions are required to provide all relevant insurance documentation relating to mandatory personal accident and public liability insurance to cover a student undertaking vocational work experience at the City of Wanneroo. 
  • Educational Institutions requesting operational or field placements will be required to provide the student with suitable PPE as requested by the City of Wanneroo. 
  • Evidence of current safety licenses and/or safety documentation under the City of Wanneroo’s Safety Management Procedures must be included in all applications. 
  • A Working with Children Check is required for any placement which involves contact with children (anyone under 18 years of age). This applies, but is not limited to placements in Library Services and Community Development. 
  • Students need to have a supervisor/coordinator or similar available from the Educational Institute for the City staff to contact. 
  • The Educational Institution retains responsibility for the student throughout the placement. 
  • The Educational Institution is required to provide, monitor and assess a suitable workplace learning program schedule.
  • Applications for placements must be received at least 8 weeks prior to placement date.A vocational work experience placement cannot exceed 3 months and students shall not attend placement between the hours of 5pm and 6am or for a period longer than the standard working day.
  • Availability of placements are dependent on resources available at the time of the application. This includes adequate and safe supervision.
  • Vocational work experience positions are unpaid. 
  • The City retains the right to terminate the placement arrangement at any time and/or for any reason. Any work experience placement that has not been approved through this process will be terminated. 
  • A mandatory face-to-face induction is required prior to commencement of placement to comply with the City of Wanneroo’s Safety Management Procedure. The date of this will be advised on acceptance of a vocational work experience placement. The induction date will be decided by the City of Wanneroo. 
  • Educational institutions requiring placements for students with disabilities are not required to complete an application. Please email workexperience@wanneroo.wa.gov.au for further information. 

Please review the Terms of Application before applying for a vocational work experience placement. Once reviewed, complete the Vocational Work Experience online form ensuring you upload the following documents.
•    Insurance documentation
•    Any safety documentation/certification (if applicable)
•    Working with Children Check (if applicable)
•    Vocational work experience outcomes and program schedule

Vocational Work Experience online Form

For further queries please contact our Learning and Development team by emailing workexperience@wanneroo.wa.gov.au

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