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Bulk Collections

Coming in 2024

A new pre-booked bulk waste collection service has been endorsed by Council for rollout mid-2024. Collections during 2023 are not affected and will stay the same. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Find collection date tool

Please note, the website's Find your waste collection date tool below is currently not functioning. We are investigating this issue as a priority. 

The City of Wanneroo provides two bulk collections per year - one for bulk waste and one for bulk green waste. Further information on these services can be found below:

Bulk waste collection

Bulk green waste collection


  • Waste should be placed on the verge no longer than one week before the collection date. 
  • If you see our waste team in your area before the due date for pickup, this will be for a pre-clean of the area. 
  • Do not follow your neighbour. Please check your collection dates. Crews will not return if you miss your collection.
  • Do not place your waste under trees, over sprinklers or on vacant lots and park lands.
  • Please place waste at least 1 metre away from fences, walls, mail boxes, public utilities, power domes, water meters and sprinklers to avoid damage. 
  • Keep footpaths and driveways clear.
  • Do not place items on light coloured paving and artificial turf. Vehicles can leave marks on paving. We do not collect items placed on artificial turf.
  • If your property is situated in a laneway, please place it in one of the visitor's car park bays at the front of your home. If you have any further questions, please contact Waste Services on 9405 5000.