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Prebooked bulk verge collection

Pre-booked bulk junk and greens collections

In mid-2024, the City will move to a new, pre-booked collection service for both bulk junk and bulk green waste.

Residents will be able to choose a time for their bulk waste collection by booking online or calling the City. Residents will be eligible to book one bulk junk and one bulk greens collection per year.

When you book a collection, you will receive a guide with information about how to present your items on the verge to help the City recycle collected waste effectively.

The transition to the new service is part of the City’s commitment to a sustainable future and will help us meet the objectives set out in the State’s Waste Strategy to send less to landfill and increase resource recovery. 

Wherever possible, we encourage residents to rehome suitable items instead of putting them out for collection. Visit wastesorted.wa.gov.au for ideas about how to make landfill the last resort.

More information, including how to book, will be shared closer to the start of the pre-booked service.

Frequently asked questions

What is the new pre-booked bulk junk and greens collection service?

The City is transitioning to a new way of collecting bulk junk and green waste from mid-2024.

Under the current service, bulk junk and green verge collections are conducted by suburb from May to December every year.

The new service will see the City move to a pre-booked model, where residents can book bulk junk and green collections online at a time convenient for them.

As with the current service, residents will be eligible to receive one bulk junk and one bulk green verge collection per year, with collections available year round.


Why is the City changing to a pre-booked verge collection service?

The pre-booked bulk collection model offers a range of benefits:

  • Residents can book bulk junk and bulk green waste collections at a time that’s convenient for them.
  • Bulk waste can only be presented for up to three days on verges, keeping streets tidier.
  • Increases resource recovery as waste will be pre-sorted for recycling, sending less to landfill.  
  • Reduces instances of illegal dumping and scavenging, as waste is presented on the verge for a short time.   


Is the City introducing a skip-bin service?

No, the City will collect waste directly from the verge.

Residents will be able to present their bulk waste on their verge for up to three days prior to the pre-booked collection date.


Why can’t we have a skip-bin service?

As part of the City’s Bulk Waste Review, a pre-booked bulk verge collection service was identified as the most financially and environmentally sustainable long-term solution.


When will the service change take place?

The target start date for the pre-booked service is July 2024.

Scheduled collections will continue as usual until the new service starts.


When will the current scheduled bulk waste verge collections end?

Scheduled verge collections will continue until July 2024.

Dates for the 2023 Bulk Green and Bulk Junk collections are now available.

Bulk green collection dates for January to May 2024 will be published on the City’s website at least two months before the first collection date.


How do I arrange a pre-booked collection?

The pre-booked service is not available yet.

The target start date for the pre-booked collection service is July 2024. More information about the new system will be available for residents closer to this time.

When the new system launches, residents will be able to book collections online. Accessibility support will be available for those who require assistance with digital systems.

When booking, residents will be provided with a list of possible dates to book a collection.

Scheduled bulk collections will continue until July 2024. See the 2023 Bulk Green and Bulk Junk collection schedules to find your suburb’s next collection date.


Will all the same types of waste be collected under the new service?

Yes. When you book, you will get a guide on how to present your items for collection so we can collect items separately for more effective recycling.


How many bulk waste verge collections will I be able to book?

As with the current service, residents will be entitled to one bulk junk and one bulk green verge collection per year. Extra collections will be available for a fee, which is still to be determined.


Did the community ask for this service?

In 2018, the City conducted a Community Waste Survey, which found that people wanted a service that was more convenient and sustainable than the current scheduled bulk waste collection service.

The community’s views on the proposed pre-booked verge-side bulk collection service were also sought in September and October 2022, prior to Council endorsement of the new model at the February 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.


Why did the City undertake a review of bulk services?

The review was conducted to identify the best way to collect bulk waste for the community.

It found the pre-booked bulk verge collection model to be safe and operationally practical, as well as a financial and environmentally sustainable approach long-term.


Do any cost savings mean residents will pay less on their rates?

Any savings realised from the implementation of the pre-booked bulk service will be used to fund other waste and recycling initiatives.


Will a pre-booked bulk service affect my Wangara Greens tip passes?

No, the new service will not affect Wangara Greens tip passes. The City will continue to provide four green waste tipping vouchers with annual rates notices, for use at the Wangara Greens Recycling Facility.

Each voucher allows for the disposal of a standard 6x4 trailer-load of clean greens for free. If you are a renter in the City of Wanneroo, please contact your landlord or property manager to obtain the vouchers.


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