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Mariginiup bushfire information

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Coordinated waste clean-up program 

A coordinated clean-up program, funded by the WA Government and managed by the City, is now underway to help people with properties that were impacted by the Mariginiup bushfire.

The program aims to provide assistance for individuals, small businesses, sole traders or primary producers who owned or leased residential or commercial properties that were lost or seriously damaged in the bushfire.

Planning is underway, however it is likely to take up to six months before clean-up work starts.

For details of the process, see the flyer, also available in Vietnamese.

If you have questions, please call (08) 9405 5600, or email mariginiuprecovery@wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

Bushfire information

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has officially closed the Mariginiup bushfire incident. Any future incidents in the area will be treated as separate incidents.

The City will continue to support those impacted through the recovery phase. 

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Bushfire recovery information

Returning home after a bushfire can be difficult, stressful and sometimes hazardous.

For details of support services available for those impacted, see the Mariginiup bushfire recovery information booklet. This booklet is also available in Vietnamese

To access support or ask questions, please call the City on (08) 9405 5600, or email mariginiuprecovery@wanneroo.wa.gov.au.


The Grief Centre, supported by the City, is running a free Regrowth Workshop on 16 August 2024 and 12 September 2024 for those affected by the Mariginiup bushfire. It will provide a safe environment to share stories and help you to support your own grief journey and that of those in the community. Tickets for the August session are now available and can be booked through Humantix

Additional resources

Bushfire recovery information is available on the following websites:

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