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Bushfire information 2023

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Bushfire information

The Mariginiup bushfire has now been downgraded to an All Clear. The City will continue to support those impacted through the recovery phase. 

Please be aware of the continuing risk of peat fires around Jandabup Nature Reserve, Mariginiup Lake, Da Vinci Park and surrounding areas.

Smaller fires are expected to burn in or around these areas for several weeks or months due to the presence of large amounts of peat in the soil. The area is currently cordoned off, and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and WA Police are conducting regular patrols.

Please stay away from these areas for your safety and call triple zero (000) immediately if you see smoke or flames. 

Important information about peat fires:

  • Peat is the part of soil made up of organic material from plants and is especially common around wetlands.
  • Peat is highly flammable and soils with peat repel water.
  • A peat fire can burn underground and you may not see it.
  • A peat fire can be challenging to extinguish so sprinklers may be used to slowly soak the soil.
  • A peat fire can restart even if it seems extinguished.

Learn more about peat fire safety.

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Recovery information

It’s important to remember that returning home after a bushfire can often be difficult, stressful and sometimes hazardous.

For details of support services available for those impacted, see the Mariginiup bushfire recovery information booklet. This booklet is also available in Vietnamese

Red Cross outreach

Australian Red Cross volunteers will be visiting homes in the areas impacted by the Mariginiup bushfire on outreach visits from Thursday 11 Jan 2024.

Volunteers will be providing support, information and referrals for any services residents may need for their recovery. This is also an opportunity for residents to provide feedback about the recovery services available and the next phase of the recovery process.

For more information, contact Australian Red Cross at warecovery@redcross.org.au

Additional resources

Bushfire recovery information is available on the following websites:

Residents who have been impacted by the Mariginiup Fire are encouraged to take photos of damage to assist with insurance.

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Community Recovery Centre on the Road  

The City will host a Community Recovery Centre on the Road at Edgar Griffiths Park in Wanneroo to bring together residents impacted by the Mariginiup bushfire.

Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy a sausage sizzle provided by The Rotary Club of Wanneroo, whilst connecting with your neighbours and services.

A range of support services will be available, as well as activities for young people and families.

The Community Recovery Centre on the Road will be held at Edgar Griffiths Park on Thursday 22 from 5pm to 7pm.

To assist with catering please select tickets to this event.

Alternatively, you can email queries to mariginiuprecovery@wanneroo.wa.gov.au.

Available services

  • Disaster Relief Australia: debris management and clean up, tree management and safe fencing removal and repair
  • Australian Red Cross: support, information and referrals for any services residents may need
  • Department of Communities: coordination of emergency relief and support activities
  • Salvation Army: physical, emotional, environmental and economic wellbeing support
  • Ngala (Banksia Grove Parent and Child Centre): activities and advice for parents and young people
  • Wanneroo Business Association: support for local businesses
  • Anglicare: financial counselling
  • Legal Aid: free assistance to people who need help making insurance claims and dealing with disputes, mortgage stress, financial hardship, debt, employment law problems, housing or tenancy complications and the replacement of important documents.

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