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City hosts Youth Forum on Climate Change

Published Thursday, 10th December 2020

Young people from across the City of Wanneroo explored ways of addressing climate change at a discussion forum on Wednesday, 9 December.

A group of people smiling and holding signs related to environmental action

Wanneroo Councillors joined Mayor Tracey Roberts for the event, hosted at the City’s Civic Centre. Mayor Roberts said the City was proud to facilitate the Forum.

“There are many passionate young people in our City who care deeply about the issue of climate change,” said Mayor Roberts.

“It was a privilege to attend the Youth Forum and hear their views. They want to see practical action to tackle climate change, which is exactly what the City of Wanneroo is doing.

“Our Draft Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy is currently open for public comment. The updated Strategy considers proactive steps we can take to protect our community, now and into the future. This includes setting targets to reduce the City’s emissions.”

After a performance by local artist Luka Sampson, Mayor Roberts opened the event with a short address.

Presentations were made by the City’s Manager Strategic Land Use Planning and Environment Emille Van Heyningen, along with student and documentary filmmaker Aiden Campbell. Participants then broke into small discussion groups, before sharing their insights with the rest of the Forum.

Aiden Campbell said the City had made its stance on tackling climate change clear through its commitment to the WALGA Climate Change Declaration.

“I thank the City of Wanneroo on behalf of young people for listening and enabling emerging generations to have a say on how we shape our future,” he said.

“The Forum was the perfect opportunity for the youth of our City to put forward their opinions regarding how their community should move forward.

“To have support and guidance from our leaders, investigate sustainable practices and brainstorm how we can all be more caring for nature.”

Emille Van Heyningen said dealing effectively with climate change requires commitment from everyone.

“The City is reviewing its Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy,” he said. “As part of this, we are consulting with our youth to get their input on how the City can address climate change.”

Residents can visit the City’s website to provide their views on the Draft Strategy.

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