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City committed to fight against climate change

Published Tuesday, 14th March 2023

The City of Wanneroo is committed to playing a leading role in addressing climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging the community to do the same.

Three bin system

To help tackle climate change, the City has endorsed a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy, an Urban Forest Strategy and a Smart City Strategy.

Other sustainable initiatives and actions include the introduction of a three bin system, installation of solar photovoltaic systems on City-owned buildings, replacement of floodlighting with LED lights, an increase in annual tree plantings and embracing hybrid and electric alternatives for our vehicles.

Mayor Linda Aitken said the City had an obligation to reduce its carbon footprint, and embrace and promote new technology. 

“We are committed to a greener future and to creating a sustainable City that balances urban growth and the environment, while planning for climate change and managing waste and its impacts,” she said.

“We can achieve this by working collaboratively with the State and Federal governments, as well as with the local community."

For unleaded petrol emissions in our fleet, the City aimed for a 25 per cent reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions from our 2017/18 levels by 2024/25. The City has already exceeded this target by 9 per cent!

The City aimed to reduce its municipal solid waste generation by 10 per cent by 2024/25. We are already meeting this target and have been since 2018/19.

Climate change initiatives:

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