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City puts focus on local work, business and investment

Published Tuesday, 6th June 2023

Local work, business and investment was a key focus for the City this financial year, with the progression of several key projects and initiatives aimed at boosting the local economy and contributing towards employment self-sufficiency in the region.

Small business support

Neerabup Industrial Area

The City took another step towards the completion of the Neerabup Industrial Area (NIA), with the development of a business plan to guide the next stage of the project.

The NIA is set be one of the biggest industrial estates in Perth, generating between 20,000 and 30,000 new jobs on completion, and has the potential to provide a variety of regional economic advantages and a long-term revenue stream for the City.

It is now home to the world-leading Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct (AARP), a major hub for testing and research into the latest developments in automation, remote operation and robotic systems, backed by a $20 million State Government commitment.

The City is also currently investigating an NIA-based Waste Precinct that will be focused on waste minimisation through the co-location of waste processing to contribute toward a circular economy.

Flynn Drive upgrade

To improve access to the area, the City secured State and Federal funding for the $37.7 million upgrade of Flynn Drive to a duel carriageway, with the detailed design now complete.

Business Wanneroo

The City continued to cut red tape for local businesses with the launch of Business Wanneroo, a dedicated online business information hub, and through its continued participation in the Small Business Friendly Approvals Program.

The Program, led by the Small Business Development Corporation, aims to smooth the process of obtaining licences and permits — saving small business owners time and money and ultimately making it easier to start, operate and grow a business in Wanneroo.

Small Business Support

The City also awarded two scholarships to local business owners to participate in the Curtin Ignition Program. The intensive, one-week education program, led by Curtin University, helps entrepreneurs, business people and innovators trial and prepare their business idea for the market.

Mayor Linda Aitken said the City was committed to strategic economic development that would ensure the needs of the growing community were being met into the future.

“Since 2001, the City has grown at three times the State average, with our population expected to almost double over the next two decades,” she said.

“To support this growth, it’s important that we invest in our City by providing our communities with improved connectivity and access to crucial infrastructure, and by cultivating opportunities for commercial investment and innovation in our City.

“There are over 14,500 businesses within the City of Wanneroo, and the majority of those are small businesses.

“It’s vital that our local businesses feel supported to thrive and grow, and we will continue to work collaboratively with the business community to ensure that Wanneroo remains a great place to do business.”

Local work, business and investment initiatives:

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