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2023 City of Wanneroo Local Government Election results

Published Tuesday, 24th October 2023

The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) has declared the results of the 2023 Local Government Election for the City of Wanneroo.

Council meeting

The Mayor-Elect and Councillors-Elect will be sworn in at a ceremony at the Civic Centre on Thursday 2 November 2023.

The WAEC has confirmed the following elected Mayor and Councillors with terms ending 16 October 2027:

Mayor – Linda Aitken

Mayor Aitken returns to continue as Mayor for the district of Wanneroo.

North Ward – Alex Figg

Councillor Figg joins sitting Council Member Sonet Coetzee in representing the North Ward.

North-East Ward – Glynis Parker

Councillor Parker returns to sit alongside Council Member Bronwyn Smith in representing the North-East Ward.

Central-West Ward – Phil Bedworth

Councillor Bedworth joins sitting Council Member Helen Berry in representing the Central-West Ward.

Central-East Ward – Marizane Moore

Councillor Moore joins sitting Council Member Paul Miles in representing the Central-East Ward.

Central Ward – Jacqui Huntley

Councillor Huntley returns to sit alongside Council Member Jordan Wright in representing the Central Ward.

The City acknowledges Cr Frank Cvitan who will not return to Council this term, following 22 years of service.

South-West Ward – Vinh Nguyen

Councillor Nguyen returns to sit alongside Council Member Natalie Herridge in representing the South-West Ward.

South Ward – Eman Seif

Councillor Seif joins sitting Council Member James Rowe in representing the South Ward.

Polling for the election closed at 6pm on Saturday 21 October.

Local government elections are held every two years. The Mayor and Councillors are each elected to four-year terms, with half the Council Members elected every two years.

A Council election for the position of Deputy Mayor will be held on Monday 6 November at a Special Council Meeting.

Learn more about the election and candidates on the WAEC website.

Notice of Results

Click below to download and view the Local Government Election 2023 - Notice of Results:

Local Government Election 2023 - Notice of Results

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