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Funding programs

Outgoing Sponsorships

The City of Wanneroo has a strategic vision to create a vibrant, progressive City which provides opportunity and investment to enable our growing communities to prosper.

In service of this vision, the City views commercial sponsorship as long-term investment that meets the City’s strategic outcomes and operates in service of and reflects the diversity of our community.

Through its Sponsorships Program, the City of Wanneroo is able to work in partnership with likeminded businesses, organisations or community groups on achieving shared social, economic and environmental outcomes as outlined in the City’s Strategic Community Plan. Sponsorships must be able to achieve at least two of the social, economic or environmental outcomes as detailed in this plan.

Examples may include:

  • Innovative opportunities that explore and celebrate the City’s heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Enhancing social participation and inclusion.
  • Increasing visitation to the region by delivering benefits to tourism, hospital and retail sectors.
  • Providing a platform for research, trade and/or investment opportunities.
  • Attracting national or international attention to the City as a place to live, work, visit or invest.
  • Creating employment or volunteer opportunities within the City, particularly for marginalised groups.
  • Enhancing the City’s reputation as a sustainable City through leadership in waste and environment management.

Sponsorship principles and eligibility

The following principles will be considered when determining eligible sponsorship arrangements;

  1. Community benefit
  2. Strengthening the City of Wanneroo brand and reputation
  3. Risk management
  4. Good governance
  5. Entrepreneurship and revenue raising 

For more information eligibility requirements, please download and review the City’s Sponsorship Policy


Sponsorship proposal assessment

All sponsorship proposals are subject to assessment to determine relevance of the proposal to achieving outcomes for the City, value for money and any associated risks.

The City is responsible for spending public funds in the best interest of the community. 

Being a past recipient of sponsorship funds does not guarantee success in seeking further sponsorship. 

The criteria in the Sponsorship Policy apply to all sponsorship proposals, regardless of past involvement with the City.

The City may suggest an alternative proposal which reflects the value of the sponsorship to the City, as determined through this assessment process.

The City reserves the right to undertake reasonable checks of applicants at its discretion. These may include referee and/or financial/probity checks of the applicant and the organisation/s associated with the applicant.

Successful applicants will be required to sign the City’s Sponsorship Agreement and adhere to the negotiated conditions, including the provision of associated reports and acquittals.


Submitting an application

To be considered, proposals must include: 

  • Details of organisation (name, business type, vision statement etc).
  • Key details of the opportunity, including proposed dates, times, locations and target audience. 
  • Details of organisation’s experience in delivering similar opportunities.
  • A statement of the objectives and alignment with a minimum of two of the City’s strategic outcomes as per the Strategic Community Plan (pages 20 - 33).
  • Overview of marketing plan, including how the City’s support will be appropriately acknowledged and publicised.
  • List of other sponsors, proposed or confirmed, involved with the event or activity.
  • Comprehensive list of benefits of being associated with the initiative, including how they relate to the City and our community.
  • Creative ideas as to how we can use this sponsorship and those benefits to improve social, environmental or economic outcomes for our community.
  • Sponsorship amount requested and how the funds will be utilised. 
  • Timeline, including important deadlines.
  • Plans for evaluating the success of the sponsorship.
  • Credentials of your company and key subcontractors.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve timeframes and budgets outlined in the proposal.

Once you have considered the eligibility requirements outlined in the Sponsorship Policy and the above application criteria, click below to submit your sponsorship proposal:

Sponsorship proposal form


For more information, contact the City’s Sponsorship Officer on 9405 5000.