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Waste & Recycling

Three Bin Kerbside Collection System FAQs

New three bin system.

What’s happening to my bin service in the City of Wanneroo?

Residents currently have two bins at their home – a dark green domestic waste bin and a yellow lid recycling bin.  From late-2020 households on properties 400 square metres and above will be provided with a third bin to manage garden organic (GO) waste. All households will also have their dark green lid bin changed to a red lid to meet the Australian Standard for Mobile Waste Containers (AS 4123).

What waste will I be able to put into my new lime green bin?

This bin can only be used to dispose of garden organics such as lawn clippings and tree clippings. Other waste should be appropriately disposed of in your other household bins or by visiting a waste disposal facility.

Why are we changing to a new bin system?

A three bin system is an easy way for residents to actively make a positive difference to our environment. A new bin for garden organic waste lets residents make better choices about how to dispose of their waste. 

The new bin system will allow the City to recover more waste as a resource, reduce waste to landfill and reduce the cost of waste management.

Why wasn’t I consulted about the plans for three bins?

The City of Wanneroo invited residents and ratepayers to take part in a Waste Services survey from May to June 2018 to help the City understand the community’s preferences for the future of waste management. 75 per cent of respondents wanted to introduce a third bin for the disposal of organic waste.

The survey was advertised on the City’s Facebook page, website, newspaper articles, as well as newspaper and radio advertisements.

A direct mail invitation was also randomly sent to 1500 City residents inviting them to participate in an online survey.

The survey results were shared on the City’s website in August 2018 when results of the Waste Services review went to Council.

A full copy of the waste survey results are available on the City’s website at

When will the new service start?

A start date is still to be determined. The City hopes to introduce the new service in the 2020/21 financial year. Households will receive further information about the service in the lead up to the roll out.

What will I be able to put in each bin?

3 bin system

The three bin system that the City of Wanneroo is introducing will be similar to the bin system currently in place in the in the City of Joondalup and the City of Stirling. 

Lime green lid bin – Garden Organics (GO):  Loose garden organic waste such as lawn clippings, small branches, leaves and flowers, tree cuttings , weeds, sticks and twigs.

Yellow lid bin - recycling: Recyclable packaging materials such as clean paper (not shredded), flattened cardboard, clean aluminium and steel cans, glass and plastic bottles and containers with the lids off.

Red lid bin - residual waste: Food organics such as food waste, fruit and vegetable scraps, as well as general rubbish items such as animal waste, nappies, wipes, hygiene products, tissues and paper towels, meat trays, bagged shredded paper and soiled paper products. 

Do I get a say on the size of my bin?

The City of Wanneroo understands that households have different needs. Households will be able to make some decisions about what bin combinations will suit their family’s needs by choosing the size of their recycling and rubbish bins.

Bin lid colour Collection Disposal Size
Red Weekly Rubbish 140L or 240L
Yellow Fortnightly Recycling 240L or 360L
Green* Fortnightly Garden organics (GO) 240L

Once the roll out date of the three bin system is confirmed, households will be able to register their preferred bin combinations. Support will be available to assist you in making this decision. 

* The green lid garden organics bin will be rolled out to all households on properties 400 square metres and above. There is only one standard size available for this bin type.

Will having three bins mean costs such as the Waste Service Charge will go up for residents?

No, there will be no extra costs to residents for the three bin service.

It is important to note that all of the City’s costs to deliver waste management services to residents are paid for within the Waste Service Charge, which is a separate charge from general Rates. This means that residents can see exactly what it costs for waste services.

The cost of processing garden organic waste separately will be less than what the City currently pays for waste processing.

This saving is expected to cover any increased service delivery costs, such as new bins and transport. The City has also applied for funding from the State Waste Authority to reduce the cost of introducing the three bin service.

Will I still get a bulk greens verge collection and vouchers for the Wangara Greens Recycling Facility?

Yes. Bulk greens verge collections and tip vouchers for Wangara Greens Recycling Facility will continue as usual for the foreseeable future.

Our household doesn’t have much garden organic waste; do we still need to get a third bin?

Yes. The three bin system will be the new standard waste service for all households above 400 square metres.

We encourage you to continue to compost at home, as the new GO bin only accepts garden organic waste for mulching.

I’ve seen the three bins in the City of Joondalup and the City of Stirling. Is this the same thing?

Yes. The Cities of Joondalup and Stirling have also introduced a three bin system, with a lime green bin for garden organics only. 

There may be slight differences in the way the City of Wanneroo’s introduces the new three bin system. More information about how to use all three bins correctly will be provided closer to the delivery of your new GO bin.

How can I register for a larger recycling bin?

Thank you for being a passionate recycler. At this stage, residents are not yet able to register to receive a larger 360 litre recycling bin. After Council agreed to approve the implementation of the Three Bin Kerbside Collection, the City commenced designing how the roll out will take place. Once these details are finalised, the City will broadly communicate with residents how to register for a larger recycling bin.