Funding programs

Donations & waiver of fees and charges

Organisations or groups who are not for profit and operate within the City of Wanneroo are eligible to apply. Not for profit events, projects or services targeting City of Wanneroo residents will be considered for a donation.

The City’s policy allows requests for a 50% waiver of fees for the use of Council facilities (for example: building, centre, park or sporting ground). Bonds for use of City facilities will not be considered. Groups intending to use Council facilities need to submit an "Event Approval" form.

Groups to provide the appropriate details on the Donation/Waiver of Fees Application form. All applications must be on official form, otherwise not accepted and be received by the City at least two weeks prior to the event.

Groups without an ABN must submit a Statement by Supplier form with the request form.

Applicants can only receive one sponsorship/donation/waiver of fees per financial year.

All applications are assessed against the City's Donations, Sponsorships and Waiver of Fees and Charges Policy.

For more information please contact Corporate Support on 08 9405 5025.

Please send completed forms to