Rates information

Where your rates go

Budget highlights

Rates Infographic

Your rates contribute towards the services provided by Council including:

  • collection and disposal of residential refuse
  • recycling cart services
  • aged care
  • assistance to community groups
  • building control
  • bush fire control
  • child care
  • community health control
  • community information
  • dog and other animal control
  • economic development support
  • emergency services support
  • environmental planning
  • health control
  • libraries
  • litter control
  • off road vehicle control
  • parks, gardens and playgrounds
  • recreational and cultural planning and development
  • recreational facilities
  • road construction and maintenance
  • storm water drainage
  • street lighting and street trees

What is the rate increase?

The 2018/19 budget requires that the amount to be raised from Rates is $131 million.

The Rates-in-the-Dollar and Minimum Rates have an overall rate revenue increase of 2.49%, with an average increase of 2% for the Residential Improved category (which applies to 89% of Ratepayers).