Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban, City of Wanneroo - 27 January 2020

A ban on the use or operation of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery from 10am Monday, 27 January 2020 until 6pm, Monday, 27 January 2020 for the whole of the City of Wanneroo. More information


Better safe than sorry

Published Tuesday, 24th December 2019

After bushfires have burned through an area there is still potential for things to go wrong, so please be extra careful and don’t risk it!

Trees after a bushfire

Instead of taking chances, stay off walking and bridle trails, and leave off-road driving or trail bike riding for another time.

Damaged trees can drop branches or fall over so it’s best to avoid areas of bushland where there’s unstable vegetation following a bushfire.

Structural defects including cracking, decay, loose branches or roots, overhanging or leaning trees are pointers to potential danger – so please take care and better still don’t enter affected areas which might be unsafe.

Fires dramatically change the landscape and conditions. Keep an eye and ear out for warning signs. Better safe than sorry.

For more information on recovery after a bushfire, click below.

Bushfire recovery information

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