Round and around we go: City tackles traffic improvements in lead up to Freeway extension

Published Friday, 17th March 2017

The City of Wanneroo has taken action to address the increased traffic expected in the wake of the Mitchell Freeway extension to Hester Avenue.


In liaison with Main Roads WA, the City has undertaken a number of projects to improve traffic flows on major local roads.

These include upgrading Connolly Drive and Marmion Avenue to four-lane dual carriageways, constructing a roundabout at the Hester Avenue/Ridgewood Boulevard intersection and increasing capacity at the Connolly Drive/Hester Avenue roundabout.

The Hester Avenue/Marmion Avenue roundabout is now being modified to increase capacity for right-turning traffic from Hester Avenue to Marmion Avenue.

These changes will allow two lanes of traffic to turn right from Hester Avenue into Marmion Avenue and will help ease traffic travelling to the City’s northern suburbs via Mitchell Freeway, Hester Avenue and Marmion Avenue.

Signage to indicate this new arrangement will be put in place by Main Roads WA.

This short video illustrates how to correctly navigate the roundabout.

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