Mental Health Week WA 7-14 October

Published Tuesday, 10th October 2017

This year’s theme for mental health week is; connect with nature, connect with community and connect with self for mental wellbeing.

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This year from October 7-14, Mental Health Week will celebrate 50 years of promoting mental health awareness & helping reduce stigma in WA. For more information on Mental Health Week and related Mental Health Week events go to the website at 

Connect with nature with the City of Wanneroo

Improving mental wellbeing  goes beyond trying to stay positive from day to day; being mentally healthy has a great deal to do with the environment in which we live. 
Research has shown that connecting with nature improves mental health and wellbeing.   ‘Contact with nature helps reduce stress and build resilience, enabling people to cope with and recover from stressful episodes’. Being in nature provides us with a place to escape from everyday stressors, reduces anxiety and reduces the symptoms of depression' (Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way).

The City of Wanneroo is lucky to have some great outdoor locations and programs right on our door step. Some ways to get into nature in the City of Wanneroo are;

Connect with community with the City of Wanneroo

Being connected to your community is key in optimal mental health and wellbeing; ‘One of the most reliable ways to improve mental health and wellbeing is to simply socialise more. Research shows that the happiest people in the community spend many hours a day socialising with family and friends’. In Denmark, a country that is consistently ranked as the one of the happiest in the world, 19 from 20 people belong to a local club or group of some sort' (Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way).

There are many ways that you can get connected to your community around you. Ways that you can connect to your community through the City of Wanneroo are;

Connect with self through the City of Wanneroo

Reduce stress, find your purpose and connect with like-minded people by searching activities at one of the City of Wanneroo community centres. Click below and select a community centre, then click on the orange SEARCH ACTIVITIES button to find workshops, groups and lessons for a variety of activities from Tai Chi, Yoga, art groups, music groups and more.

City of Wanneroo community centres

For more information on how you can connect with any of the City’s programs, services and facilities call 9405 5000. 

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